War of the Rohirrim

The War of the Rohirrim is set around 250 years before The Lord of the Rings when Helm Hammerhand was King of Rohan.

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“Of the Kings of the Mark between Eorl and Théoden most is said of Helm Hammerhand. He was a grim man of great strength.”
~The Lord of the Rings

The War Of The Rohirrim

The War of the Rohirrim

The War of the Rohirrim is set around 250 years before The Lord of the Rings, focusing on the time when Helm Hammerhand was King of Rohan, from 2741 to 2759 (Third Age).


Release Date: December 2024

“The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim” is an upcoming Anime film produced by Warner Bros. Kenji Kamiyama is directing it, and the story centers on Helm Hammerhand, the creation of Helm’s Deep, and important events in Rohirrim history. Originally, it was supposed to come out in April 2024, but now it’s scheduled for December 2024 due to a delay.



According to Deadline’s announcement, “The War of the Rohirrim focuses on a character from the book’s appendix, the mighty King of Rohan, Helm Hammerhand, and a legendary battle which helped shaped Middle-earth heading into LOTR. The anime pic will expand the untold story behind the fortress of Helm’s Deep, delving into the life and bloodsoaked times of Hammerhand. Overall, the movie is a companion piece to New Line’s LOTR trilogy and is set roughly 250 years before that movie during the third age”.



    New Line Cinema–which originally producted The Lord of the Rings film series–is developing this 2D anime film. Kenji Kamiyama is set to direct, with Warner Bros. Animation partnering with Sola Entertainment. The screenplay initially by Jeffrey Addiss and Will Matthews is now in the hands of Phoebe Gittins and Arty Papageorgiou, with Philippa Boyens serving as an executive producer.

    In February 2022, the creative team expanded to include Wētā Workshop, led by Richard Taylor, and renowned illustrators Alan Lee and John Howe, who worked on Peter Jackson’s Middle-earth film series. Philippa Boyens revealed the narrative focus on Helm, Héra, and the Dunlendings’ historical grievances. The story delves into the motivations of Wulf, a “ruthless and clever” character, leading to large-scale battles and a transition into a “bloodsoaked” ghost story. Sauron and the Ring play a peripheral role, leaving room for speculation about Saruman and the presence of Orcs in the White Mountains.



    Casting began in June 2021. Executive Producer Jason DeMarco noted that hiring was underway. Because of her performance in Titus Andronicus, Phillipa Boyens personally called Miranda Otto to ask her to narrate.

      Actor Character
      Brian Cox Helm Hammerhand
      Gaia Wise Héra
      Luke Pasqualino Wulf
      Miranda Otto Éowyn (narrator)
      Laurence Ubong Williams Fréaláf Hildeson
      Shaun Dooley Freca
      Yazdan Qafouri Unknown
      Benjamin Wainwright Unknown
      Michael Wildman Unknown
      Jude Akuwudike Unknown
      Bilal Hasna Unknown
      Janine Duvitski Unknown
      Alex Jordan Frygt