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Valaquenta | Episode 4

In the second chapter of The Silmarillion, Valaquenta, Michael, Dan, and Jonathan test their knowledge with "All that is Gold, Does Not Glitter", decide that Varda should've dated Melkor, and explain that Tolkien was a true flat-earther!

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Valaquenta Mountains

Ainulindalë | Episode 3

Why is music so important? Are the Valar really transgender? Join Michael, Dan, and Jonathan as they begin the long journey through The Silmarillion with the first chapter, Ainulindalē.

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Ainulindalē Space and Time

Trailer for Amazon’s “The Rings of Power” Debuts

Today Amazon released their first teaser trailer for their upcoming show, "The Rings of Power."  Take a look!My thoughts... well, this trailer didn’t let us sit on one shot for more than a second or two.  I really wanted to feel more after this trailer--give us...

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Númenor in The Rings of Power