Interviews with The Lord of the Rings Cast and Crew

On December 2, 2003, Jonathan was invited to interview the actors and crew of The Lord of the Rings.

Recorded on a 2000s-era iPod, the audio quality isn’t great (but there are subtitles). Enjoy this trip down memory lane!

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Peter Jackson


Peter Jackson isn’t shy about what motivated him to create the films.  He clearly was doing it for the love of the source material.

Ian McKellen


Ian McKellen didn’t let his own ideas get in the way of performing Gandalf–he read Tolkien EVERY NIGHT so that what was written was forefront in his performance!

Viggo Mortensen


Viggo Mortensen is soft-spoken, thoughtful, and calm.  But he brought a determined intensity to the role of Aragorn that became clear not only in the finished film, but also in his preparation and confidence in the crew around him.

Billy Body and Dominic Monaghan

Pippen and Merry

Billy and Dominic reflect on what it was like to work with Peter Jackson, what it took to get through all those years of film (lots of drugs?!), and how working The Lord of the Rings changed them!

Howard Shore


Howard Shore goes in-depth on how he composes scores, what inspired him with Lord of the Rings, and was asked if he copied the “Concerning Hobbits” theme!

Liv Tyler and Orlando Bloom

Arwen and Legolas

Liv Tyler and Orlando Bloom joined us to talk their thoughts about the films, their careers, and the crazy premiere in Wellington for Return of the King.

Philippa Boyens


Philippa Boyens likely influenced the script as much as Peter Jackson did, and was known for trying to lift lines directly from the book instead of rewriting them for “modern audiences”