About Us

The One Ring started in April 1999 just before the “new” Lord of the Rings movies by Peter Jackson were announced.  The site quickly grew into one of the premier destinations for JRR Tolkien fans.

While changes to the social landscape has changed and fans of Tolkien have found new communities and friends to share their love of Middle-earth with, The One Ring continues to draw over 1000 visitors everyday, and is looking forward to a new age as we see new media head to Middle-earth.


Jonathan Watson – Founder

Jonathan continues to maintain the site, and while his time is constricted by 4 kids and running his successful web and marketing business, Enthusiast, he’s committed to keep The One Ring going strong!

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Founders Emeritus

I would be amiss to not mention our 2 other previous founders, Ted Tschopp and David Mullich.  Without their contributions and involvement, this site would never have been the touchstone of Tolkien fandom online that it became.

David, Jonathan, Ted

David, Jonathan, Ted (l-r) in 2001 (when interviewed for Wired magazine)