Viggo Mortensen Interview

Ian McKellen didn’t let his own ideas get in the way of performing Gandalf–he read Tolkien EVERY NIGHT so that what was written was forefront in his performance!

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In this interview from December 2, 2003, Jonathan was invited to join with a few other journalists to speak to the actors and crew of The Lord of the Rings (check out our Peter Jackson episode too!).

You can tell that Viggo is thoughtful and soft-spoken, but has a driven personality that allows him to inhabit roles like Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings. In this episode, Viggo Mortensen discusses:

  • What he does (as a newly discovered sex symbol) with all those phone numbers in his pockets.
  • What he did to train for the films.
  • What it was like coming on set the day before principal filming began.
  • What it was like working with Peter Jackson