Warner Bros. today announced the latest game in a constant string of LOTR games since The Fellowship of the Ring hit theatres in December 2001 (though Warner Bros hasn’t made too many of those games)… The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest.

According to Warner Bros, this game will be “the first Lord of the Rings videogame created specifically for kids and their families”–making Aragorn kind of unique choice as the focus, considering his character (wouldn’t “Pippin’s Quest” have been more appropriate for kids?).

Players will control Aragorn, protecting the Ringbearer and the fellowship on their quest, all set in a “a friendly, colorful rendition of Middle-Earth” with players engaging in sword fights, lancing, and archery.

There’s no note on when the game will be released, but it seems clear we’ll hear a lot more about it come E3 in early June.


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