In the second chapter of The Silmarillion, Valaquenta, Michael, Dan, and Jonathan test their knowledge with “All that is Gold, Does Not Glitter”, decide that Varda should’ve dated Melkor, and explain that Tolkien was a true flat-earther!

Listen as we discuss these questions and look to find answers directly in Tolkien’s text!

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  1. MajorKong

    Great show. I thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Bee Reads’ LOTR, and now I’m looking forward to The Silmarillion.

    As an engineer – who enjoys a well-written tech manual – I really LIKED The Silmarillion when I read for the first time as a young adult (well after LOTR). Tolkien wrote ‘history’ just as beautifully as he did ‘story’.

    The discussion about the Valar and their similarities to the various pantheons on European mythology folklore was excellent.

    I suspect Dan’s favorite Vala, Orome the Hunter, was Tolkien’s way of weaving the ‘Wild Hunt’ legends of Europe into Middle Earth.

    Not sure I have a ‘favorite’ Vala; but I do have a favorite Maiar… Tom Bombadil. Let the agreements ensue!

    • jonathan

      Great to have a “Bee Reads” listener back! 🙂 Never thought about Orome being inspired by the Wild Hunt legends–but it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a kernel of that in The Silm.

      Though the idea the Bombadil is a Maiar–not sure I can get on-board with that! I still think Tolkien had no idea who Bombadil actually *was*.

  2. otaku-sempai

    I wouldn’t call Professor Tolkien a true Flat-Earther. He originally conceived of Arda as flat, but only until the Change of the World that destroyed Numenor. And in his later years, Tolkien revised his thoughts on Flat Arda.

    • jonathan

      Of course he’s not a true flat-earther… just having some fun with The Silm’s original layout of Arda, and how it’s lost on people when they read it — even Dan!

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