TWTF Last Alliance Action Alert – Haiti
As we become more aware of the amount devastation from the earthquake in Haiti on January 12th, we are putting information together for any who would like to assist the aid efforts.

For the moment here are some phone numbers and web sites:

Much will be needed to help the citizens of Haiti rescue, recover and rebuild. The job ahead seems overwhelming but many hands make the load lighter and many hearts can support those who are suffering and in need. We urge you to donate whatever you can – no amount is too small, every effort makes a difference. The links we’ve provided above are to credible aid agencies – please be careful to donate to recognized, credible agencies who can ensure that monies donated will really help the people of Haiti .
We will have a PayPal donation option on our site for anyone who feels more comfortable donating this way. All the monies donated to TWTF for relief in Haiti will be sent to Direct Relief International (info about them in the link above) to aid in their supply of medical resources to Haiti.
If you know of, or are part of, an effort to help those in Haiti , please send us information (on the effort, contact or donation info, etc.) and we will help spread the word via our site: and our Twitter account:
Thank you so much
~The White Tree Fund team
Doing what we can with time that is given to us.