This week Michael and I talked with Professor Nick Groom, author of Tolkien in the 21st Century: The Meaning of Middle-earth Today, releasing Sept. 5, 2023 (apologies for some some of the echo in the audio!). Professor Groom’s book is a detailed, in-depth, but very readable look into MIddle-earth, and how he perceives Tolkien as more relevant than ever before–particularly in a post-COVID culture. This was a refreshing discussion that dove deep into things including:

  • Professor Groom’s thoughts on the ambiguity of evil in Middle-earth
  • How Tolkien’s themes are vital in a post-lockdown era
  • Why he believes The Rings of Power is a great story in the tradition of Middle-earth adaptations–but definitely isn’t Tolkien’s story.

Then, join us in our extended episode ( where we:

  • Does The Rings of Power deserve the amount of criticism we give it?
  • Who is his favorite character in all of Middle-earth?
  • What should be done to encourage young artists to write great new stories again?

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