Maedhros, known as Maedhros the Tall, was the eldest of Fëanor's seven sons, leading the House of Fëanor after his father's death.

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“Maedhros did deeds of surpassing valour, and the Orcs fled before his face; for since his torment upon Thangorodrim his spirit burned like a white fire within, and he was as one that returns from the dead.” ~The Silmarillion

Rescue Of Maedhros From Thangorodrim - Catherine Karina Chmiel

Rescue of Maedhros from Thangorodrim - Catherine Karina Chmiel

Maedhros was the oldest son of Fëanor, and was bound by his oath to his father to recover the Silmarils from Morgoth.


Maedhros, born in Valinor, joined his father in exile after Fëanor’s banishment. In the pursuit of recovering stolen Silmarils, he and his brothers took the Oath of Fëanor. Despite early conflicts, Maedhros relinquished his claim as High King to Fingolfin, ensuring unity among the Noldor. He played a crucial role in battles, including the victory at Dagor Aglareb. Later, driven by the Oath, he attacked Doriath, leading to tragic events and the eventual pursuit of the Silmarils. The aftermath saw him and his brother Maglor acquiring the jewels, but the toll of their deeds led to self-destruction for Maedhros. His fate post-War of Wrath remains uncertain.

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Name Meaning

  • Maedhros is Sindarin
  • “Maed” means “shapely”, “ross” means “red-haird”


Other Names

  • His father-name was Nelyafinwë, with a shorter form of Nelyo (which means “third”, being that both his father and grandfather had the name “Finwë”)
  • His mother-name was Maitamo, which means “well-shaped one”
  • His other kin gave him the after-name (or epessë) Russandol (“copper-top”).