Halbrand is the alter-ego of Sauron invented by Amazon Studios for The Rings of Power TV show.

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 “I have been awake since before the breaking of the first silence. In that time…I have had many names.” ~ Halbrand/Sauron

Halbrand, "Drinks For Everyone"

Halbrand, "Drinks for Everyone"

Halbrand, was conceived by Amazon Studios specifically for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

In the late Second Age in Middle-earth (according to Amazon’s compressed and incomprehensible timeline), Sauron adopted the name and persona of Halbrand.

Charlie Vickers portrayed Halbrand.


Halbrand, believed to be the King of the Southlands, was apparently driven out by orcs sometime in the past. He fled on a ship in the Sundering Seas with others, but a creature known simply as “the worm” destroyed it, forcing them onto a raft. They came upon Galadriel, drifting in the water after refusing to enter Valinor. However, a storm struck, causing Galadriel to fall into the water. Halbrand rescued her. Captain Elendil discovered them, bringing them to Númenor, where tensions arose between Galadriel and Queen Regent Míriel, with Halbrand trying to intervene.

While exploring the city, Halbrand stole a guild crest, leading to a brawl and arrest. Released, he aimed for a fresh start as a blacksmith but was forced by Galadriel to join an expedition to reclaim the Southlands. In Middle-earth, they reached Tirharad, and Halbrand played a key role in subduing Orc leader Adar. Tirharad was destroyed, and Halbrand was wounded.

Undeterred, he expressed his determination to reclaim the Southlands and rode with Galadriel to Eregion. There, he forged connections, particularly with Lord Celebrimbor, learning of Mithril and the Elves’ struggles. The revelation of his true identity as Sauron shattered his attempts at redemption. Despite his efforts to prove his desire for redemption, Galadriel remained unconvinced, prompting Halbrand to flee Eregion and return to the Southlands, now named Mordor.

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Determining the etymology of “Halbrand” is an exercise in futility.  The writers never made clear where the name originated, or if it was even inspired by Tolkien’s extensive linguistic work.

In Sindarin, “brand” means “tall and massive” or “towering”.  “Hall” in Noldorin means “exalted” or “high”.  This is an unlikely combination of works, particularly since the Southlanders look to have never used any Elvish names.