The twins arrived at Cerin Amroth almost an hour later, with Celeborn quietly showing them the way. Avnean and Legolas were both purposefully late for their meeting with Galadriel, as both were unsure as to what was going on and also they had been planning.

//Remember everything Avnean? No mind-blocks// Legolas whispered silently to her.

//I remember brother,// Avnean answered. //If any of us fail it won’t be me.//

//Nor me,// Legolas vowed silently back.

“Legolas? Avnean? We’re here.”

They both lifted their heads up to see that the Lord Celeborn had stopped walking. To their right was a field with a large hill dominating the middle of it. At the top of the hill there was a small grove of trees with a large mallorn jutting out from the very center. Unfamiliar flowers swayed in the grass. Galadriel was seated halfway up the hill, watching them keenly as if waiting for a war to start before her eyes.

//Legolas she doesn’t know does she?// Avnean asked him quickly, afraid.

//She’s can’t know.// Legolas answered, just as quick. Both felt each other’s fears that their plan had been noticed. //Unless you went against your word which I know you did not do.//

//Of course not!// Avnean agreed wholeheartedly. //Its still all the same?//

//The same// Legolas agreed.

Celeborn nodded his head quietly. “The Lady will show you back to the city,” he told them. “Goodbye.” Nodding his head again and giving a slight smile Celeborn turned and left, leaving them alone with Lady Galadriel.

Both Avnean and Legolas traded uneasy glances as Galadriel rose and came down the hill to meet them.

“This is Cerin Amroth,” she greeted the twins. “I decided that here would be the best place for training.” She regarded each twin solemnly and both were hard put to keep their eyes level with hers. “As you may have guessed…” her mouth turned upwards in a curving smile at the darkening expressions on the twins’ faces. “I am to teach you about your ability.”

“We already know everything we need to,” Legolas said, he reached and took Avnean’s hand in his own. “We don’t need to learn anything else with all respects my lady.”

“Definitely not,” Avnean agreed with Legolas. “We don’t anything else to help us, my lady.”

“I feared trouble,” Galadriel sighed and Avnean met her eyes determined now. “I knew you both would not agree.”

“Then why send us?” Legolas demanded. “And what have you decided then for us?”

“Teaching you to be stronger,” Galadriel replied slowly, both Avnean and Legolas glanced at each, knowing the tone. “Stronger so you’ll be able to endure certain things.”

“These things that we need to do?” Legolas questioned the Lady. “Can you tell us?”

Galadriel hesitated for a moment before them as her eyes traveled over the twins again. “Mind-blocks,” she answered firmly and registered the quick movement of anger in both their eyes.

“No mind-blocks,” Avnean shook her head, trying to keep a civilized tone with the Lady Galadriel. “There will be no mind-blocks in this learning.”

“There is no choice Avnean. You have to,” Galadriel told them. She spread her arms out them as if wrapping them in their grasp. “It is for your safety.”

Legolas shook his head fiercely. “We don’t need this protection,” he told her, his hand went for Avnean’s again and gripped it tightly as Avnean nodded agreeing with Legolas. “We have our own. Do you seek to destroy us?”

“I have no intentions of that,” Galadriel said. “I intend to make you stronger.”

“Then we refuse your strength,” Avnean said with an icy touch in her voice. “We don’t want it. Legolas shall we go for a walk?”

Legolas looked at the Lady hard and her solemn expression. “Think about your plans Lady. We will not accept mind-blocks.” He looked at Avnean. //Let’s go for a walk. Shall we follow the path or back to Caras Gladhon?//

//The path,// Avnean told him. //Come on.// She turned and with her brother started walking away. As they walked away Galadriel called out to them in a voice of foreboding.

“And what if one was taken by the Dark Lord and is in pain? How could one survive the pain? What if one died that and the pain becomes unbearable and the other died as well? Heed well you’ll need this protection!”


“`Heed well you’ll need this protection,'” Avnean mocked stretching her feet out as Legolas stood beside her. They had walked for some time down the path before turning off to sit on the side and rest. “We don’t need it. We don’t care. Legolas?” she looked up into his drawn face.

“Perhaps she’s right,” Legolas muttered quietly.

“I told you I will not fail and I will not!” Avnean snapped heatedly. She sighed and lowered her eyes. “I’m sorry Legolas I didn’t mean to snap.”

“I know,” Legolas sighed. “But she makes a point.”

“A point I don’t care to press,” Avnean objected. “Witch of the Galadhrim.” She shook her head. “At least that’s some rumors I’ve heard. I don’t like it Legolas. Mind-blocks? She must be seeking to destroy us.”

“I agree,” Legolas said. “There’s the other question of how long as well. If it were for a second I could bear but more?” He did not finish his sentence. “No I will not fail either.”

“I hope not brother,” Avnean told him. “You can be of faint heart sometimes.”

“Faint of heart?” Legolas questioned. “No! I’m more…thoughtful then you.”

“Thoughtful?” Avnean snorted. “You don’t need to think here brother! This is obvious! No and no and no and no!”

“And yes I understand,” Legolas smiled. “I wasn’t trying to get you all worked up Avnean. You know that and you’re just trying to start an argument to blow steam.”

“Well maybe I am,” Avnean huffed then uncrossed her arms and sighed blowing a loose lock of hair from her face. “Sorry Legolas. It’s just….the Lady.”

“I know,” Legolas smiled. “We should go back. It might be late before we return to Caras Gladhon.”

“We should scare Lady Galadriel,” Avnean commented impishly. “Make her think we’ve run off.”

“Avnean sometimes I don’t know what to do with you,” Legolas shook his head but he was amused Avnean knew.

“And sometimes brother, I don’t know what to do with you,” Avnean smiled and stood up stretching. “It is getting late isn’t it?” she squinted up through the branches of trees, although it wasn’t necessary, she could tell just by the lengthening shadows under the trees. “Guess we might as well go back. Good thing father isn’t here we might have got a thrashing from the way we handled that scene back there.”

“I think we were still in shock,” Legolas said. “It just surprised us so much even though we were expecting it. You’re hungry so we should go.”

“Who said I was hungry?” Avnena shot back with a grin as her stomach rumbled again.

“Your mind,” Legolas grinned. “Let’s not worry about that okay?”

“Agreed,” Avnean nodded. “And let’s hope father doesn’t hear about this. He’s got enough on his platter.” For a moment she faltered and felt Legolas’s hand on her shoulder. “Still catches me doesn’t it?”

“Should go away in time,” Legolas encouraged. “Come on.” He waved a hand up the trail. “Don’t want to keep the High Lady waiting do we?”

Avnean shook her head and walked beside her brother as they headed back to Caras Gladhon. They had perhaps walked only ten paces when Legolas suddenly laughed and gave voice to what Avnean had been feeling. “Remember the time I tried to scare the Lady?”

“Yes,” Avnean grinned. “I remember.” She looked at her brother and both started laughing. Laughing so hard they were soon stumbling back to Caras Gladhon.

Galadriel was aware of Celeborn’s quiet presence behind her. She didn’t speak and she didn’t need to, Celeborn probably already knew what was bothering her.

“Didn’t work did it?” Celeborn asked finally. “They refused? Like I thought?”

“Yes,” Galadriel answered. “I know with some time I could get Legolas to understand but….Avnean’s….” she couldn’t find the word and sighed.

“Avnean’s to much like Thranduil,” Celeborn finished. “Stubborn with a wild temper.”

“Yes,” Galadriel agreed. “Such a temper! It would take longer for her to understand but they don’t have that time.”

“You know as much as anyone that the Mirror means nothing,” Celeborn told her. “What it shows does not mean what will happen.”

“No and I don’t intend for it happen the way I saw it. I seek to help,” Galadriel turned around and looked at Celeborn. “But how can I help if they refuse it?”

Celeborn shrugged. “I should go out and make sure they’re not lost,” he said. “Try to think of something if you’re so worried. I know you can think of something.”

“I just need time,” Galadriel agreed. “They’re fine. Coming back right now.”

“I should go anyway,” Celeborn told her. “I’ll be back in a bit.”

Galadriel nodded wearily and heard the door close. She wasn’t giving up, that she already knew, but what she could do at this time was beyond her