Morgoth’s curse over Hurin and the Curse of Mandos over the Noldor come join forces and end up destroying the the oldest elven kingdom from the inside out.  When the Nauglamir and the Silmaril meet, all hell breaks loose: the dwarves make a move, Beren makes his return, and Fēanor’s sons strike in the aftermath.

In this episode, Jonathan, Michael, and Dan discuss the power of curses (and why didn’t Morgoth just curse more people), how the Silmaril is actually kind of like the One Ring (and even negatively affects Beren and Luthien), and how–of Hurin’s entire family–Morwen was the only one not conquered.

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Join us in our extended episode where we discuss whether Melian knew about the dwarves and should have warned Thingol, why aren’t the Dwarves burned by the Silmaril, and whether Melian could have (or should have) taken the Silmaril to Valinor. To get the extended episode, become a member at ($4/mo and free for the 1st month)!

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The Children of Hurin

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