It’s a little sad that we spent 34 episodes in the 1st age, but the 2nd age only gets 2 ????… We finish up the Akallabêth this week talking about religion in Númenor, if the Valar gave up governing Arda (and for how long), if men of Númenor are addicted to the light of Valinor, and if the Rings of Power got ANYTHING right!

Join us in our extended episode where we discuss if chasing the idea of “freedom” simply leads to more evil, if Ar Pharazon thought Sauron was evil or just a rival, and how many generations of ents there might be. To get the extended episode, become a member at ($4/mo and free for the 1st month)!

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Episode 36
No Dwayne! Look Up!
Young Shelob

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