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Rina woke up to beautiful, perfect, misty silence the next morning. The sun was just barely peeking over the edge of the valley, not yet illuminating the world around her.

Rina lay in bed for several moments, gazing out into the misty morning, but she could stay there for very long! It was a perfect morning, and, wound or no wound, she intended to enjoy it.

She slipped her legs over the side of the bed and set her feet quietly on the stone floor. She carefully tested her injured side, and winced slightly.

“It isn’t that bad really….”

Rina convinced herself; and slowly and quietly got dressed and slipped out the door with the Lay of Leithian.

The crisp, cool, damp air struck her face softly as she stepped into the garden, the grass wet and soft beneath her bare feet. Rina crinkled her nose and giggled slightly at the feel of the grass tickling the sensitive soles of her feet. She glanced at the flowers growing up around the walls, every one of them covered with tiny, diamond-like dew drops.

The whole world was fresh, shimmering and pure. She clasped the book to her chest and looked for a comfortable place to sit, her eyes falling immediately on a wide fountain edge.

Rina seldom looked up from her book as she sat comfortably on the fountain’s edge that morning, in fact she had quite forgotten herself until the sun had begun to show her shining edges through the clouds.

“Good morning, Lady Rina.”

Rina looked up, with a slightly cocked eyebrow at the ‘Lady’, fully expecting the speaker to be Elladan; but instead looked into the kind face of Lord Elrond.

“Good morning my lord” Rina returned with a nod, “A very fair morning it is too, isn’t?”

“Yes, a very fair morning indeed…and I am little surprised to see you up and moving around, though perhaps you should not be” Elrond smiled good naturedly.

Rina blushed, “perhaps not my lord…but the morning was perfect, rather like the mornings at home, and I could not resist.”

“Who could?” Elrond smiled again. “You have been here for some days, yet I have not the opportunity to speak with you…to ask you what has brought you here. So here I have come to ask you: why have you come here?”

Rina sat quiet for a moment, pondering the question and the best way to answer it. “I suppose…I am searching for something; but I don’t know what it is yet. But I thought that I might find it here, that this thing could be found in the peaceful wisdom of this valley, that I might see it at least…at least know what it is that I am trying to find…”

“I believe that no one knows what it is you desire except for you, Rina, only you can ever know” Elrond looked kindly at the young Elf before him, “But I hope in my heart that you do find it here…It is the reason that I have been so brought to make Imladris as it is. Never stop watching, Rina, you will know it when you see it.”

“Thank you my lord” Rina murmured as Elrond rose and left her to her wonderings, and lazily her mind turned back to the tale in her lap.


Elrohir stood slumped against the balcony rail of his twin’s room, dejectedly waiting for him to return from the library and entertain him. His boredom was painfully and obviously written on his face

“Why exactly are you in my chambers little brother?” Elladan asked with less patience than his voice revealed.

“Waiting for you” Elrohir said innocently.

“Why exactly?” Elladan scowled suspiciously at his twin.

“Because I can find nothing more interesting to do” Elrohir replied nonchalantly, not at all moved by his brother’s less than welcoming face, “I was considering a walk.”


“The garden! Loosen up a little…it would do you good little brother” Elrohir grinned. The suspicious look on Elladan’s face did not budge, but he did follow his twin out the door and down the open halls to the greenness of the gardens.

Elladan breathed the cool air deeply, the sun was rising and the dew was sparkling, but it was certainly not warm, it still being before breakfast.

“See? Is this so bad?” Elrohir slapped his brother’s shoulder.

“Perhaps not, but you do have a plan, do you not?” Elladan looked suspiciously, but at least it was with a smile now.

“Of course! What is the morning without a talk with new friends?” Elrohir sounded strangely innocent, so Elladan turned to follow his brother’s glance…to see Rina sitting on the edge of a fountain, engrossed in a book…

“Good morning friend Rina!” Elrohir comfortably sat down beside Rina on the fountain’s edge, “This morning is treating you well I see, as you are out in the gardens without assistance.”

“Yes it has! Good morning Elrohir, I did not expect to see you here” Rina laughed slightly at the grin on Elrohir’s happy face.

“Though perhaps you should have asked for assistance…you could have hurt yourself you know” Elladan said quietly as he stepped forward slightly.

“Good morning to you as well lord Elladan, I thank you for your concern, but I assure you that I am quite strong and well this morning, though I shall attempt no great march for some time.” Rina paused, “I thank you for the book” she said, holding it up, “I have greatly fallen in love with this story. Your taste is good my lord.”

“I am glad that you enjoyed it Lady” Elladan said reservedly, slightly surprised by her defense towards his concern for her. He bit his tongue slightly to refrain from the same over-concerned mistake.

“Good it is indeed to see you up; might I trouble you for a walk to the dining hall? I believe they are serving breakfast.” Elrohir extended his arm to Rina.

“Thank you! I greatly would like that…to walk with you and breakfast” Rina giggled at Elrohir’s mock lordly manner.

Elladan followed slowly, walking a short distance behind, completely unable to suppress his notice of Rina’s limp, and his urge to rush over and carry her to the hall much as he had carried her on the first day of their meeting…….

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