Whistler was Right – The fading of the TORCers

by Feb 17, 2004Reading Room


They came in whispers,
Just as the crescent moon set.
Silver, starlit elves.

Touching my rough bark.
Speaking words so bitter sweet
Bidding me farewell.

“Goodbye, ancient Oak.
The new age is upon us.
We must fade away.”

“Don’t go!” I pleaded.
“Only you can speak to me.
And touch me deeply.”

“Despair not, dear tree.
Young elves yet remain to sing.
They will linger here.”

“With songs and musings,
To sparkle the night anew.
Elders forgotten.”

“‘Till all is spoken,
And memory fades away,
And they, too, go West.”

annaerual aka laureanna


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