The Exiles of Numenor – a study

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Elendil the Tall, son of Amandil (last Lord of Andunie) and of the line of Elros through Silmarien (the eldest daughter of Tar-Elendil, the fourth king of Númenor) was advised by his father to prepare to depart from the land of their birth to escape the impending doom of Numenor and the wrath of the Valar. During those times, their King Ar-Pharazon violated the Ban of the Valar not to seek the Undying Lands through the malice and plottings of Sauron (then, cloaked in a pleasing body so as he could seduce the weak into his will). When summons to take arms for war, Elendil remained in Romena. Through the counsel of his father, he fitted nine ships to sail in Middle-earth. Four ships were for himself, three for Isildur, his eldest son and two ships for Anarion , his youngest. They fled before the drowning of Numenor and was swept in the coasts of Middle-Earth.
Elendil was cast up in the shores of Lindon and was befriended by Gil-galad, the last High King of the Noldor in Middle-Earth. Elendil and his people were scattered all throughout Eriador. He established the Realm of Arnor(the “Land of the King” about the courses of Lhun and the Baranduin (the “Brown River” in Eriador, flowing into the Sea south of the Blue Mountains; the Brandywine River of the Shire in The Lord of the Rings) and his chief city was at Annuminas (“Tower of the West”; city of the kings of Arnor beside Lake Nenuial. Fornost – the “Northern Fortress” and the Numenorean city in the North Downs in Eriador,Cardolan – a region in the South of Eriador, the hills of Rhudaur – a region in the North East of Eriador, the towers of Emyn Beriad – the “Tower Hill” in the west of Eriador (where the Elostirion stands and the Palantir is placed) and Amo Sul- the “Hill of the Wind”,great watchtower also known as Weathertop accounted as part of the realm of Arnor.
His sons Isildur and Anarion was casted southwards and took up the river Anduin that flows into Rhovanion into the western sea in the Bay of Belfalas. There they established the realm of Gondor, “Land of Stone”. The chief city of this realm was Osgiliath- the “Fortress of the Stars”, located in the midst of the Great River Anduin. They also built Minas Ithil (renamed as Minas Morgul in Sauron’s rise of power in the third age) – the “Tower of the Rising Moon” in the east facing the borders of Mordor. It was built as a threat to Sauron and where the house of Isildur stands. There, the White Tree of Gondor that was rescued by Isildur from the Drowning of Numenor and was descended from Nimloth the Fair, a memorial of the Eldar and and of the Light of Valinor, was planted before the house of Isildur. MInas Anor- the “Tower of the Setting Sun” (later known as Minas Tirith, the “Tower of Watch” and Mundburg, “Guardian Fortress” called by the Rohirrim), that faces westward as a shield to against the wild men that inhabit the dales, was the city of Anarion. Both shared the realm and their thrones were set side by side in the Great Hall of Osgiliath, the chief city of ancient Gondor.. They also built impressive works such as the Argonath or “King Stones”, the Pillar of the Kings, which are great carvings of the likeness of Isildur and Anarion on either side of the river Anduin at the entrance to the northern borders of Gondor; Aglarond, the “Glitteirng Caves” of Helm’s Deep in Ered Nimrais; Erech, a hill in the western part of Gondor where the Stone of Isildur lay and Angrenost or “Iron Fortress”, also known as Isengard, where the unbreakable Orthanc stands.
Thus were the realms of the exiles of Numenor, the land of gift, the land of the Dunedain.


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