Yet to be named (All to be explained)

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Right, ok, when i was ill, i was really really bored, finished all books that my dad gave me etc, so while i was lying there, being ill…as you do, i thought of a new idea for a fanfic, so here is a tiny bit of it, i havn’t finished writing it, and my two friends who are reading it as i write it seem to like tho only one has read the book (but only finished up to the two towers) and the other one pronounced it boring (LOTR) (plew 2 her), so u guys are my biggest critics, so i was wondering if u like it, (its abit like 2 of the stories already on here….sorry, but i didn’t realise that at the time, when i started wrting this, they hadn’t been posted yet.), if u like it, once i have written more of it i will start posting it, if u don’t i won’t so here goes….hope u like! Oh, and if any one has any ides for a name, they will be gladly welcomed! Also, these names are not completely decided on, if u can think of ne better ones, plz tell me!

A new evil is arising in Middle Earth. She is named Turwen, for the evil one will not be spoken of as Lord, but as Lady. She has no weakness, no ring to be betrayed with. Her strength and power are beyond belief, yet a part of her heart and a part of her soul. But it is a heart of stone, and a soul of darkness and decay.

She is as beautiful as a black rose. Her skin is as pale as moonlight, in the blackness of Mordor, she shines out, seemingly bathed in light. Her hair is like raven feathers, curling loosely down her back. She is always dressed in ebony black, and blood red. Her voice is as smooth, but when she is angry, it is like ripping silk to your ears, her lips blood red. But her most striking feature is her eyes, bright violet, but always with a flickering, cold black flame seemingly reflected, but so much a part of, in them. No man or woman, mortal or immortal, can disobey her, once they have looked into those eyes. Raised into evil ways by her father, only 3 other people in Middle Earth, apart from him and outside of Mordor, know of her, and 2 of those have passed across the Sundering Seas.

The only person with the power to destroy this immortal evil is a maid, one of the last elves left in Rivendell, once a maid to Arwen, Queen of Gondor. Her name is Cirawë, she has long copper coloured curly hair, and her eyes are the colour of sparkling emeralds. She is not incredibly beautiful, but she is remarkable in the way she looks, for an elf. Daughter of Tinwë and Ciranthir, there is no prophecy for her or for what she can do, and perhaps will do, apart from the terrifying dreams of Arwen. These dreams have been told of to Sairalindë, Guardian of the Last Homely House, but no one has any idea of what to make of them.


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