Worlds Merged-Prologue

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Alrighty peoples, it’s the Mushroom Dude [not Dudette] again. This is hereby my second submition ever! If you don’t like the begining it’s okay, because I’m not sure that I like it a whole lot. It’s a little to dark to fit with the rest of the story [work in progress]. If you are wondering what Sargon is: I have no idea. Hence, the begining may be re-written and changed if I am filled with great writer’s ingenuity. I have only posted a little bit because [at least for myself] really long stories are to hard to read. Please don’t give up on it if you don’t like it, because it will change. Happy reading!

-A Mushroom Dude

The sky was dark. The quiet was only intruded on by the faint rumble of thunder, and the ominous silence of a soft breeze. Sargon looked out with dark interest. In his mind he was forming a plan to cover all the worlds in darkness. Never again, he thought, shall light in the sky be seen. Never more would the sound of children laughing be heard, and never would the smell of jasmine mingle with the breeze. Never more would the soft skin of a lover’s lips be felt. All days ever more would be like this one: dark, silent, and ominous.
Sargon was evil. He knew the ways of evil, he lived by evil, and he obeyed the voice of evil. The voice of evil was silent; it could not be heard by any persons near the one it spoke to. Sargon heard it in his mind. It had been long since the first time darkness in the solemn clouds had spoken to him. It had been possibly years since that day, but he didn’t know. No one was there to keep records of the hours, so know one would ever know. But day after day, Sargon stood on the balcony of his tower, starring into the darkness of the clouds.
The clouds funneled. They funneled in such a way that it appeared that a great twister would at any moment decent from the heavens and wreak havoc upon the earth. But nothing happened. It simply swirled round in an unearthly manner, full of potential energy, but never using it. So Sargon’s mind worked as well. He had formed a campaign to unleash great evil upon the earth. It was filled with swirling hate, pain, and darkness. Long had it spiraled, always becoming more clear and formulated. It had great potential, but had not been put into physical action. And because of that, the world was still free.
The day had not changed. Darkness still prevailed.

Suddenly, the funnel increased. It now brought in the whole sky and began to descend. After a long amount of time devoted to thinking, Sargon was ready, like the sky. He moved from his contemplative position and proceeded to walk down the stairwell, exiting his tower. The furious twister ravaged the barren earth beneath it and moved toward the tall stone structure with ravenous speed. It reached the tower and the winds tore away at the vulnerable spot of the balcony, and ripped through the side. The rest of the great structure leaned into the whirlwind and was dismembered into singular bricks and shreds of thatch from the roof. The bottom half of the tower was mowed over by the great twister and ripped apart brick by brick.
Sargon did not even glance back to see the destruction of his residing place. He no longer needed it. He would soon have a great source of power, and he would build himself a fortress like none that had existed.
While he walked through the wasteland, he became completely consumed by darkness. He was always evil, and had long been inseparable from the darkness, but he became empowered by it. He grew strong and horrible, like a new Sauron. As he walked on, the sand was ignited under his feet. The time had come.

Here’s a quick hint of what to expect: Pirates of the Carribean. How do I work that in? I’ll post more soon!


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