Woe of the Mallorn Trees

by May 12, 2003Stories

She laid with the warm sun dancing on her fair skin, while loathing the beauty of the Mallorn trees. There was something about the majesty of the trees of Lorien, it captivated her almost drowned her and she often longed for her trees when darkness drew nigh. Her beauty was oft compared to the blooms of the Mallorn but she knew better because in her eyes nothing in Middle Earth could be more graceful and more pleasing to the eye than her Mallorn trees. She sighed and the sweet perfume of the earth she laid on filled her, enlightened her, trapped her. Her blue eyes opened and she beheld no more than a dream and the wonderous vision of her trees escaped her as she grasped for them in the depths of her mind. It was gone…no more than one’s desire to be home.


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