Windsinger – A mysterious stranger…but is he human?

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He took up the harp, twisting the tuning pegs to such depths she never imagined. The sweet strains of longing combined with the sheer pain in his voice brought tears to her eyes. The sorrow, the agony tore her heart out, the sadness in his eyes intensified the chords. The words of the song were in a language unfamiliar to her. She loved the sweet tones and exotic accent. It started with a simple little ditty she might have heard someone humming in the street, followed by a counter-melody of an infectious, delightful tune.

In the background was a song of the heart, telling a tale as old as the stars. Of a parting that went beyond the edge of the world, of a sacrifice made to decide the fate of millions. It told of a destiny that made the multiverse change, reshape. Then the hero dead. The sheer irony of it, the bitter, caustic aftertaste of it stung in her mouth. The pictures painted in her head portrayed the weary sorrow of those going on. Then it reverted back to a simple melody of heart-breaking sweetness. The longing in his voice, in his eyes was agonising, so painful tears ran down her face.

As the last few chords died away she whispered, “What was that song?”

He merely replied,”Oh, just a tune that was trapped in my head.”

Their eyes met and she knew he was lying. He just couldn’t bear to tell her the truth. “Namarie,” he murmured and blended into the shadows, leaving her on her own.

Yet the shadows weren’t so long, the memory of the deeper pain sustained her. She smiled and made her way home. Her brother stopped her and said, “Where did you get that tune you’re humming? It’s beautiful.”

She screwed up her eyes, trying to remember. “I think I heard it in the street”, she replied.

The cynical answer was, “You’ve been away with the faeries again!”…


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