Wind in the West – Chapter 5: Trouble comes in pretty packages…

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Largolian rode through the forest, frantically searching for any signs of the orcs. As the sounds had died away, and could not be heard, he started to worry. “That’s it! We’re going back to the stables! We’ll take a different course from there. Imrahil, lead us back!” he started as he realized Imrahil wasn’t there. “Where is lord Imrahil?”

“Ah, he was still at the stables last time I saw him. We rode off without him, I think. He did call out to us, though. But I figured you knew. He is either still at the stables, or has come out and followed us. Who knows?” Haldir queried this last question.

“Alright then, I’ll lead us back. Follow me!” he galloped past them back down the track. The others followed, close behind.


“This is a very nice horse you have. May I ask where you got him?”

“For the last time, Imrahil, I got him from the elves.” Lerina was starting to loose patience.

“Ah yes. That’s right. And which elf, Lerina, would that be?”

“I told you before! Largolian did!” If he asks any more questions that he’s already asked, I swear I’ll choke him!

“He is very beautiful. Quite large, too. How long have you had him for?”

“That’s it! Number 1, I already told you, I’ve had him for about 4 days! Number 2, stop being so friendly! Here we are, trying to escape from the orcs, (they are catching up mind you!) and when they catch us, they will have no mercy! They will hang us until almost dead, and then they will take us down, and chop every little body part off, starting with our fingers and toes, and finishing with our arms and legs! And if that isn’t enough, it’ll be with a blunt blade! They’ll be sitting there for hours just trying to get a finger off! Then they will take out our body parts, and before our very eyes, burn them in a roaring fire! Then they will chop us into 4 pieces, and EAT US! And here you are saying, `That’s a nice horse you have. Where did you get it?’ are you MAD?”

“I certainly am not mad, thank you very much!” he said, rather annoyed.

“Well, you’re annoying, that’s for sure!”

“Excuse me? I am not the annoying one here!”

“Who is then? The horse?” at this, Thunder stopped riding, and stood quite still. Imrahil and Lerina didn’t seem to notice.

“I meant you!”

“Well, der! But I’m making the point that I think that I… never mind! Just stop asking stupid questions!”

“I was not asking stupid questions! If anything, I was being nice, trying to make conversation!”

“Yeah, while we were escaping certain death!”

“It’s lightening of the heart in such a tough time!”

“Nice try, My lord, but I won that one!”

“Yeah? Well you may have, but at least I have a… a…” he stuttered.

“Forget it! I’m not talking to you ever again!”

“Ah, Lerina?”

“Not talking!”

“Behind you.”

“Yeah like that’s gonna maker me talk,” she muttered under her breath. Then, turning to Thunder, she said, “Did you hear anything? I didn’t.”

“Hello, poppet.”

“How many times have I told you not to call me poppet?” by this time, Imrahil was off the horse’s back. She turned around to face him. “Well, actually, I don’t think I’ve ever told you not to…” she stopped short. “Um…”


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