Why You Shouldn’t Daydream During Geometry! – Time for another fabulous yarn!

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“Why You Shouldn’t Daydream In Geometry”

Ahh, Geometry. Just when I thought that math couldn’t be any more boring, I’m forced to find out it can. I mean this class is making me wish I was back in algebra. Yah, that’s bad. I swear, my teacher, Mr. Cobbs’s voice mixed with his fascinating stories of triangles and the Pythagorean theorem have me sleeping like a baby. And if I’m not sleeping, I’m either talking to my best friend Natalie about how lost & confused I am or how I can’t pay attention, or about boys, or about just whatever we feel like, or else, I’m daydreaming. And as I’ve found out, but always seem to forget, daydreaming can be a bit dangerous.

It was the last day of school before we were to be let out for a week and a half of winter break. Anticipation was creeping and climbing it’s way through everyone’s veins, especially mine. I knew that when we came back, I would only have six more days in Geometry heck and then the semester would be over and I would move on to Art 2! Woo! So on that brisk, cold winters morning, I waltzed into Geometry, happy and thinking of all the fun and presents that awaited me in the next few days. I took my seat behind Nat and we started chattering away about what people had gotten us for Christmas.

“How cute is this?” Natalie exclaimed, holding up a darling little bottle of lotion that Abbie had bought for her.
“That is cute!” I stated smiling, “She bought me the same one!”

So we went on talking like this (you know how girls do), and then the bell rang and Mr. Cobbs came in to check our homework and to get the class rolling. Once he takes his seat at the front of the class, we all quiet down as he starts to drone on about the answers to the night before’s assigned work. This is the part were I start getting sleepy. I sit in my desk, feet up on the rack of the desk in front of me, trying to keep my eyes open and the drool in my mouth from coming out.

“He just goes on and on, I swear…” I think.

And as I’m sitting there, drifting between consciousness and unconsciousness, I start to hear a familiar ‘boom’.


“Huh?” I jerk up in my seat. Where was that coming from? And why did it sound like it was getting louder? And how come no else seems to be noticing it??

Suddenly the Geometry room door flys open and in runs the Fellowship for the second time in my Highschool life! They all charge in, knocking over desks as they come, yelling at everyone to “Make way! We must barricade the door shut!” And of course the whole class had blown up. There’s panic as everyone’s running around, confused out of their minds, not knowing what to expect next, when suddenly, the door that Boromir and Legolas were trying to jam shut, is knocked down and hoards upon hoards of hideous orc come clamoring in. Arrows are shot and insults flung. Blood is splattered across the carefully placed equations decorating the blackboard. I look around for a means of escape, wanting to save my precious little head, when I spot the windows. And I would have tried to climb out them, but saw that they were full of Billy’s big body as he has tried unsuccessfully, to squeeze out to freedom. Seeing no means for escape and an approaching orc closing in purty fast, I started to fall to the floor, where I planned to lay there and cry, when suddenly I was stopped by a hand on my shoulder. I looked down into the face of the same darling hobbit who had visited me about this time last year.

“Frodo!” I cried with glee as he maneuvered me away from the vile creature, fighting it of with his sword. He dragged me out of the classroom with him, urging me to follow the retreating Fellowship. Of course I went along with them, who wouldn’t? Seeing how I was a sophomore now, The Bridge Of Khazad-dum was at the end of the sophomore hallway, instead of the freshman one as it had been last year. As we raced toward it, I felt a familiar, fiery heat flame up my back. I turned around with a startled cry, and looked up into the pit-like eyes of the fearsome Balrog of Morgoth. And just as I was to turn and race off over the bridge the Balrog started to….to talk to me.

“Sarah! I asked you three times already to read postulate 6-5 to the class! Do it now!!”

“What??” I said staring dumbfounded back at the beast.

“READ IT NOW!!” the fire demon screamed, and then suddenly it wasn’t a fire demon screaming at me. It was the pug little face of Mr. Cobbs! And that hot feeling on my back? He had dumped his whole cup of coffee on me. Ick.

“AHHH!!!!” I screamed, startled by the face transformation, “I’m sorry, Mr. Cobbs! I’ll read it!…I was just confused, that’s all!”

“Well, learn to pay attention!” he reprimanded, in his droning voice.

I immediately read the stupid postulate and then slumped down in my desk to hide from the smirking faces of my classmates.

“I swear,” I thought, “Next time Frodo comes to get me, I’m NOT looking back!”

*Authors Note* So sorry for any typos or gramatical errors! I wasn’t much in the editing mood!!

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