White Flower of Doriath – Ch. 5

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At that moment, a man came in the opening. “Cadac, there is a cave a few hundred feet above us,” he announced.

But Niphredil also knew that voice. “Aranwe!” she called

The elf looked up, the startled look on his face turned to pure delight. “Niphredil! How…. When?” She smiled at his blustering. “What happened to…” she started, but just then, all her strength left her and she collapsed onto the floor. Aranwe rushed to her side. “I found you at last,” she smiled blissfully at his face, then closed her eyes and saw no more.

Aranwe carried her to the back of the cave, on his mat. He adressed the man that now stood next to him. “Will Niphredil be okay, Dagnir?” Dagnir nodded his head, “Yes, she’ll be fine. She just didn’t have enough strength for the fight. Her energy left her.”

Aranwe sighed in relief and kissed his sister’s forehead.

“But she is very beautiful,” Dagnir whispered to himself.


All through the next day, Dagnir found he could not stop thinking about her. He kept remembering he pale blonde hair, and her big grey eyes, and her slender form. And what a perfect name to match. he thought to himself. But, he argued with himself, she doesn’t even know me yet. I’ll have to be careful with her when she wakes up. She looks very delicate. he smiled to himself, knowing this was not true.

Niphredil woke up two days later. She felt very refreshed from her deep slumber. She yawned, and Aranwe heared and went to her side. “You’re awake, my favorite sister.” he said to her.

“I’m you’re only sister,” she laughed. But then, her expression grew sterner, “What happened Aranwe? Why didn’t you come back?”

His smile faded also. “I got separated from the patrol in the dense forest. I got lost and wandered in the wrong direction. Cadac found me and brought me here. It took a while, but they finally accepted me. I asked, but they wouldn’t let me go. They said I would tell of their location and that would be the end of them.” he explained.

“But, they’ll let us go now, won’t they?” Niphredil said anxiously.

“I dont know.”

Niphredil sighed and got up. She looked around and noticed a young hansome man. But what mostly drew her attention to him, was his bright green eyes. They were the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen.

“Who is that man, Aranwe?” she asked, pointing him out.

“That’s Dagnir. He’s the one good with medicine. The men joke that he’s soft, but I know he’s and excellent fighter.”

That night, as she was trying to fall asleep, she saw him sitting by the small fire they had made. She took a deep breath, and walked over to him and sat down next to him. He turned to her.

“Mae Govannen,” he said in his low melodious voice.


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