White Flower of Doriath – Ch.2 Please review!

by Mar 2, 2004Stories

That night, there was a feast for the coming of spring. The
tables we stuffed with delicious food and drinks.

Niphredil was dressed in a light blue gown with full sleeves
and a necklace with a blue stone. She wore a golden circlet in
her hair.

She seated herself at one of the tables. She noticed Aranwe
at a different table, talking with one of the other elves. Luthien was sitting by her parents.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Curufin approaching her.
A sense of dread overcame her as he sat down on the seat
next to her. She forced a smile. “My lord. I’m glad you could feast with us.”

“It was my pleasure, Lady Niphredil.” he said, never taking his eyes off her. “You are very beautiful tonight.”

“My lord,” she said laughingly. “You are and excellent flatterer.But I am a modest girl. I’m not as beautiful as you think.”

“In my eyes you are.” he said, looking straight in her eyes. “You have such and unusual name.” he commented.

“It was my mother’s favorite flower,” Niphredil replied softly.

“The name fits you.” he continued.

“Thank you, my lord.” She turned back to her food, trying to show him she did not want to talk further.

But he did not take the hint. He kept talking to her throughout the meal. Niphredil tried to discontinue the conversation, or get him to talk to someone else, but it never worked. She always tried to stay polite, however. But he stared at her so much, she felt uncomfortable. After a while, she did see something behind his eyes, and was afraid of it.

When they had finished, Curufin asked her to go with him the garden. Niphredil tried to politely decline, but he had already taken her hand and lead her away.

They sat dow on a bench, surrounded by flowers that shone in the moonlight.

“Thingol does not agree with us about the war. We’re leaving in three days. I’d have to say he’s angry with us now.”

Niphredil nodded, not entirely interested.

But now Curufin looked directly into her eyes and changed the subject. “Have you thought of marriage to anyone yet? You are the right age.”

Niphredil shook her head, trying to overcome the sense of fear that was instilled in her.

Curufin was still not daunted. “You should come back with us, to my home in Himring. We can get to know each other.”

Niphredil thought he was not asking, but ordering her. Then she knew he would do whatever it took to get her.

“No. I’m sorry, but I’m not ready to leave my home yet,” she stammered, getting up and backing away slowly. She saw a fire leap up in hes eyes. She walked faster, but he caught her wrist and pulled her towards him. “I don’t take no for and answer.”

At that moment, a voice called out, “Niphredil! Where are you?”. Curufin let her go as Aranwe walked out from the shadows. “What were doing?” he accused.

“Just talking.” Curufin said quickly before she could answer.

Aranwe didn’t look convinced, but he said,” Luthien wants you Niphredil.”

Before she could leave, Curufin whispered in her ear so Aranwe could not answer, ” If you tell, I’ll have your brother’s head.”

Niphredil quickly walked out.

They watched her slender form leave, then Aranwe told Curufin, ” If you put one finger on her, you’ll have to answer to me.” Curufin just smirked.


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