White as Snow – Chapter 4

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~The Dream~

“Velossfaeniel.” a foreboding voice called raspily from the darkness.

Merilwen searched for the speaker, for the voice was strange yet familiar. Darkness surrounded her and hung in think sheets. A cloak swished by and Merilwen turned. She found herself gazing at a woman with red hair, like her own, escaping from under the hood.

“Velossfaeniel.” the woman whispered dryly, then she pulled back the dark hood.

Merilwen gasped. The ivory skin on the woman’s face was worn and stretched in many places, especially around her closed eyes. The roots of her hair were slowly turning an ashy grey. Tipped ears protruded from the tangled knot of already turned silver locks that flowed freely about her.

Merilwen stared at her closely. She found the woman portraying some features similar to her own. She cautiously raised her hand to touch the woman’s face. When the tips of her fingers brushed the leathery skin, the maiden’s eyes snapped open. Her eyes were completely white.
Merilwen shrieked and tried to distance herself from the woman, but she had grasped Merilwen’s arm with the strength of a vice. Tears poured down Merilwen’s face as she cringed from the pain. A shadow passed her.

“Help me.” she mouthed to it.

The shadow approached and she realized that it was a dimly lit figure of a man. He reached out and clasped Merilwen’s free hand. He pulled her away from the crone. Merilwen looked up at her rescuer and found the same cold, blue eyes possessed by the being in the forest.
Merilwen clenched her eyes shut and began screaming. The beings’ hands clutched her shoulders and shook her hard.

“Awaken, fair maiden! Drive these nightmares away from your thoughts!” exclaimed an unfamiliar voice.

Blurred light intermixed with the darkness of her dreams. Merilwen opened her eyes looked about. She was in a room and a strange man was peering down at her. His eyes were gentle, but familiar. Realization clouded her toughts and she found that this was the thing, the person in the forest. She sat up and pushed herself away from him.
The man stood back, watching her with a confused expression. The girl stood and moved towards the door, staying as close to the wall as possible. When her back wasa to the door, her hand fumbled for the doorknob. She found it and opened the door.
As she turned, her foot slipped on morning dew and she found herself grasping onto a wood platform, dangling hundreds of feet above the ground.
No cry of terror escaped her, for shock consumed her as she looked at the tiny people below gaze up at her. Beads of sweat began forming on her hand and her fingers began sliding slowly towards the edge.


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