When Orc’s Attack Chapter 9

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The forest seemed to be closing in on Dalia and the other women, as the tall weathered trees surrounded them blocking out the sun. Fall was upon them and the leaves were just starting to turn crimson red and gold as they fell reluctantly from the branches. As Dalia and the other women were led along the sounds of the forest were heightened in her ears. The leaves that were slowly collecting on the ground crunched under their feet sounding almost deafening. The blustery wind whistling through the long branches were like evil calling to her. The melancholy birds chirping was like the shrillest song she had ever heard. These sound might have made her smile at another time but not now, there wasn’t much to smile about.
Dalia’s mind was going in circles not really believing that this was happening. That they had been captured by Orc’s, and their husbands viciously attacked and left to die, their children captured as well.
What were the Orc’s planning to do with us?
Where were we going?
How were we going to escape?
All of these questions played in her mind. She thought about her husband, how he fought back bravely but was stabbed in the chest in the end. Like the other men they really didn’t have chance they were taken quickly and by surprise.
It was the not knowing if he was alive or dead that was tearing her heart apart, and if he was alive would they ever see each other again. Because the thought of not holding him in her arms once more sent tears streaming down her cheeks. She loved him so much, they were about to celebrate their third anniversary and wanted to start a family. The only thing she had to hold onto was hope and she had enough of that for the both of them. But the last thing she saw before the Orc’s took her outside, was him laying still on the floor blood streaming from his wounds. She didn’t know how he could have survived that.
“No stop thinking like that!” she told herself he is alive and he will find you.
“Dalia are you okay, what are you talking about?” the women behind her named Arisa had heard her mumbling and leaned forward to whisper in her ear so as not to attract the attention of the nearby Orc.
“I was just thinking about my husband. I guess I was thinking a little too loudly” Dalia answered as she turned her head around to face Arisa as she wiped her teared stained face.
“Listen we all hope the men lived through the attack, but the reality of it is…they probably didn’t survive” Arisa said putting her hand on Dalia’s shoulder and giving it a gentle and consoling squeeze. They were both silent for a minute then anger swelled in Dalia’s heart.
“NO! I have to believe he’s alive until I am shown proof otherwise” Dalia turned and stated stubbornly. “My husband always told me that I was the most stubborn women he had ever met, and I mean to live up to it!”
The tone of the womens conversation had gotten louder and drew the unwanted attention of an Orc that was marching a little in front of them.
“IF YOU TWO THINK THE MEN ARE STILL ALIVE YOU ARE SADLY MISTAKEN! he shouted evily. “NO…YOU WILL NEVER SEE THEM ALIVE AGAIN!” he then burst out in horrendous laughter. The two other Orc’s, one last in line and one being the leader of the procession had overheard his vicious comment, and joined in his pleasure of torturing the women. Dalia’s stomach turned as they were forced to listen, she could see all of the women had lowered their heads, and their quiet sobbings filled the air.


Sakira pushed the swinging door open just enough to peek out where she saw Legolas and Aragorn talking intently. Legolas’s back was to her yet she could see him running an arrow through his fingers. His long fair hair glistening in the sun that was coming through the space where the glass used to be.
As she watched him her mind couldn’t help but wander back to the moment of their kiss. She could almost feel it again, the softness and sweetness of it. Then she thought about the comment her sister had made…was she falling for him? A warm feeling started to flow through her and her heart seemed to smile…is this what love feels like she wondered.
Locira had been exploring the room they were in, it was a huge kitchen with a fireplace that took up one whole wall. There were several candles placed a few feet apart on the wall all the way around the room to give it light. Plates that were half-ful were scattered on the table and some were laying broken on the floor. Utensils and glasses were everywhere, Locira picked up a pitcher and set it on the table.
“I bet they didn’t even see it coming” Locira commented sadly. Then she walked around the large table and noticed a shield laying on the floor, it was propping open a wooden door.
“Sakira…look at this” Locira said as she picked up the large metal shield and looked at it. It seemed to be engraved with a coat of arms of an army she had never heard of. The wooden door then creeked drawing Locira’s attention. She slowly pulled it open more and looked inside where she saw a short flight of stairs that led into darkness. She took a candle from the holder on the wall and started down them where she entered what seemed to be a weapons room. There were shields and swords hanging on the wall, along with knives of every shape and size. Arrows and bows were in open trunks sitting around the room.
“Wow these are beautiful” she sighed as she took a sword down and held it. “We could use some of these when we attack the Orc’s.”
Locira then excitedly grabbed a couple of swords and laid them down at her feet. She found a belt with pockets for knives and affixed it around her waist, then took several knives and filled the empty pockets. After that she withdrew a couple of bows from a trunk and stuck her arm through the wood and the bow string letting them hand from it. She then took some arrows and stuck them down in her belt with the knives. Then gathering up as many swords as she could carry she started back up the stairs.
“UUGGHH these are heavy, maybe my eyes are bigger than my muscles” she muttered as she struggled to the top of the stairs shere she pushed the heavy door open and wobbled out. She had only taken a few steps when a couple of loose swords slid out of her arms and clanged loudly together on the floor.
“CLANG” The noise made Sakira turn with a start and brought Aragorn and Legolas rushing into the room. As they entered they saw Locira standing with an armful of swords peering over them with a weak smile on her face.
Aragorn and Legolas couldn’t help but smile and laugh a little at the sight of her. Aragorn went over to help after he sent Legolas back to keep watch over the Orc’s who could come at anytime.
“It looks like you have your hands full, give them to me” Aragorn said kindly as he took them from Locira and laid them down. “Where did you find all of these?”
“I found them in a room at the bottom of those stairs, I thought we could use them when we attack the Orc’s” Locira told him proudly.
“Yes I believe we can! But I think you over did it a little” he told her putting his hand on her shoulder and patting it lightly as he looked over the pile of weapons. Just then Legolas bolted through the door.
“Aragorn the Orc’s are coming with the torches!” Legolas yelled then noticed the pile of swords at their feet, he just wrinkled his nose in wonder. There was no time at that moment for a story.
“Locira you and Sakira stay in here!” Aragorn ordered through pursed lips then started out the door. Legolas nodded reassuringly at both of them then smiled at Sakira then followed Aragorn.


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