When Orc’s Attack! Chapter 8

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It had been several minutes since Aragorn and Legolas left and Locira was pacing nervously.
“I hope they return soon” Locira said then looked at Sakira who was leaning with her back against the wall staring straight ahead not looking at anything in particular. Locira walked over and stood beside her. “I don’t think that wall is going to move anytime soon” Locira kidded then nudged her sister.
“Huh, did you say something?” Sakira asked startled.
“Yeah, but your mind was someplace else or with someone else. I’ve never seen you like this before, what were you thinking about?” Locira asked as she took Sakira by the hand and led her to a small bench and sat her down.
“Remember how we used to sit for hours and talk about the future…like who we would marry, how many kids we would have stuff like that?” Sakira asked with a smile while she ran her fingers through Locira’s hair lifting up her auburn locks then watching them cascade back against her shoulders.
“Yeah we would pretend it was our wedding day and practice walking down the aisle!” Locira answered then stood up straight and tall and mimicked a brides walk making Sakira laugh.
“And we would make our bouquets from the flowers we took from Mrs. Woods garden. She used to get so mad I feared she would explode!” Sakira added giggling then they both burst out in wild laughter. Then Sakira’s laugh slowly turned again into a faraway dreamy look. Locira noticed this and sat back down beside her.
“You’re falling for him aren’t you?” Locira asked looking her sister straight in the eyes as she pushed her hair behind her ear.
“Wait a minute now, all we did was kiss!” Sakira protested with a smile.


Dalia stood in line still softly patting her swollen cheek, her and the other women just waiting to be led off into an uncertain future. She looked over at the children who were still sitting on the ground with scared looks on their tear stained faces. One of the smaller Orc’s was walking past each women examining the rope around their necks to make sure they were secure. Dalia decided when he reached her she was going to ask him about the children.
“The children what are you planning to do with them?” she asked the busy Orc timidly. He just ignored her and went about his work.
“Please don’t hurt them” she begged. He continued to ignore her as he finished checking her rope, then he moved on to the next women.
“Aren’t you going to answer…?” The Orc fed up with her bugging him took out his knife as he walked back to her. He grabbed her by the hair and held the sharp knife to her throat.
“DID I GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO SPEAK?!” the Orc asked her angrily his eyes bulging. The smell coming from him and the sharp edge of the knife against her skin made her tremble. The other women gasped in fear then fell silent, afraid that he would cut her. Then one got up the courage to speak.
“Dalia please you’re only making more trouble for yourself” the women pleaded for her to be quiet.
“YOU HAD BETTER LISTEN TO YOUR FRIEND!” the Orc threatened. The head Orc with the whip had heard and seen everything and walked over to stand beside the smaller Orc.
“What’s going on over here, cant you even keep a women under control?” the head Orc asked angrily.
“She..She…was asking to many questions sir…”
The next thing he knew he was being knocked to the ground where the head Orc stood over him.
“Watch I’ll show you how to handle this!” the larger Orc then turned to Dalia. “DIDN’T YOU LEARN YOUR LESSON THE FIRST TIME?” he asked her as he leaned close to her face and put his finger up to the swollen cheek that he had given her. His hot vulgar breath made Dalia cringe and she had to look away. He grabbed her face squeezing it and turned it back to him, “ANSWER ME!”
Dalia held her head up and answered, “YES…but this isn’t about me it’s about the children…can’t you please let them go they are of no help to you.”
The head Orc thought for a minute then replied, “maybe your right they are small and weak what help could they give to me?” He then walked over to where the children were sitting and stood looming over them smiling evily. He then reached down and grabbed a little boy by the arm and raised him high off the ground. The scared child cried out in pain and fear as the Orc held him tightly.
Dalia could see he was hurting and knew it was her fault. “OKAY, OKAY please put him down!” she pleaded. The Orc laughed heartily then just as suddenly as he picked him up he let the child fall hard to the ground on his back. The boy then sat up slowly trying to catch his breath.
“NOW unless you want to see more children suffer YOU WILL SHUT UP AND DO AS I SAY!” the large Orc yelled as he ran back over to Dalia and got in her face. He laughed as she looked down in fear, then he walked away.
Dalia and the other women felt very helpless and when they could breath again they decided that if they wanted to keep the children safe they had better follow their orders.


“I knew you kissed…we’ll how was it?” Locira asked nosily.
“Wouldn’t you like to know!” Sakira teased then watched as Locira opened her mouth to protest.
“Okay Okay I’ll tell you, because I know you wont leave me alone until I do” Sakira whined. She sat quietly for just a minute her thoughts going back to the moment and a huge smile crossed her face.
“It was…a mind blowing, heart stopping, stomach quivering kiss” Sakira told her excitedly. Locira just sat there and smiled, she hadn’t seen her sister this happy for a while.
Sakira then continued, “I never felt a kiss like that before, it was the kind of kiss a girl only dreams about” Sakira then paused and her face turned sullen as she realized something.
“What’s wrong it sounds like a dream come true to me?” Locira asked wondering why she had turned sad.
“That’s just it this whole adventure is a dream your dream, and the kiss it was too. And eventually your going to wake up from it and I’ll lose him forever” Sakira mumbled sadly as she looked down her hair falling around her face.
Locira then hugged her sister tightly and said, “I’m so sorry Sakira, but if its any consolation you realized there can’t be a future with him before you lost your heart.”
“To late I think I already have” Sakira mumbled as she laid her head on Locira’s shoulder while a tear ran down her cheek.


“Sir all the ropes are secure and the women are ready to go!” the smaller Orc announced loudly.
“WE’LL GET GOING THEN WE’VE WASTED ENOUGH TIME HERE ALREADY!” the head Orc ordered then cracked his whip on the ground.
“What are we going to do with the children?” he asked.
“Let me worry about that, NOW GET THOSE WOMEN OUT OF HERE!”


Locira and Sakira’s hug was interrupted by the sound of clomping boots on the stairs, it was Aragorn and Legolas returning.
“Quick wipe those tears away you don’t want Legolas to see you like this” Locira ordered with a smile.
As Aragorn and Legolas reached the top of the stairs Sakira was wiping her cheeks with the back of her hand. They each looked at the women and saw the strange expressions on their faces, Aragorn could tell something was wrong but decided not to ask at that moment.
“Locira, Sakira come with us now the Orc’s have the women tied to each other and are about to lead them away!” Aragorn yelled then hurriedly grabbed Locira’s arm and led her down the stairs.
Sakira started to follow when Legolas took her hand and asked “are you okay, you look saddened?”
“Yes I’m fine” Sakira answered then gave him a weak smile. Legolas knew she was hiding something but he didn’t want to upset her more so he just squeezed her hand and followed Aragorn.
As Legolas and Sakira hurried down the stairs they almost ran into Locira who had stopped on the last step. She was covering her mouth with her hands willing herself not to throw up from the stench and blood of the bodies that were still on the floor. Aragorn was holding out his hand trying to persuade her to take it.
“EWWW!” Sakira cringed agreeing with her sister, understanding why she didn’t want to go any further. Sakira then turned her head and buried it in Legolas’s chest. He instinctively wrapped his arms around her to console her.
“Come on Locira” Aragorn ordered pulling firmly on her hand. But as much as she tried she couldn’t seem to make her feet move.
“Quick Legolas you get Sakira while I get Locira” Aragorn said as he picked up Locira after realizing that she wasn’t going to come on her own. All of them then started across the room, Aragorn and Legolas stepping tentively over the bodies. As they approached the broken front window they sat the women down and crouched in front of it peering out.
They saw three Orc’s were leading the women away into the thick trees of the forest. They all watched helplessly as the women were pulled quickly stumbling along as they looked back at their crying children. When the women were out of sight the head Orc walked over and stood hovering above the frightened children while running his hand down the whip.
“There’s no need to cry, you kids are going for a ride!” the Orc bellowed and laughed at the four small children who huddled together.
“Oh No what are they going to do to them?” Locira asked concerned.
“I don’t know but I fear the worst” Aragorn answered.
They then heard the head Orc yell to some smaller Orc’s who were putting their ropes and knives away.
“You guys come over here I have a job for you!” They ran over immediately and waited for orders. “Your four are going to be these kids transportation, now each of you pick up a child!”
The Orc’s didn’t like the idea of having to lug around the children so an argument started.
“Why do we have to carry them?” one questioned.
“Yeah can’t they walk like the women?” the other asked crossing his arms defiantly.
Another Orc was about to agree but was cut off by a cracking noise as the large whip the head Orc held snaked inches above their heads. They ducked just in time then cowered on their knees.
“NOW IF YOU WANT TO LIVE PICK UP A KID AND BE ON YOUR WAY!” the Orc leader announced cracking his whip several more times on the ground just in front of them, making a cloud of dirt rise up.
Fearing for their lives they each grabbed a child and sat them on their huge shoulders, then took off on the same path into the woods as the women had taken. The four small children holding on for dear life as they bounced around like dolls.
The last two Orc’s seeing the angry look still on their leaders face ran over and knelt before him nervously and asked, “how can we assist you sir?”
“Ahhh two that know better than to defy me, you shall be rewarded later, but for now GET ME THE TORCHES!” the head Orc ordered as he looked toward the house. They did as he commanded then stood in front of him.
The smaller Orc’s then knelt down and started rubbing the sticks vigorously together until they lit. Then as the flames rose higher and higher the Orc leader roared with laughter.
Aragorn, Legolas, Locira and Sakira watched as they raised the flaming torches in the air.
“What are they going to do with those?” Locira asked no one in particular as the flames blew in the breeze.
“Quick take the women into that room” Aragorn said to Legolas pointing to a swinging door just to their left, then he withdrew his sword.
“Oh no their going to burn down this house arent they!” Locira realized.
“Yes now come with me” Legolas said as he led them through the swinging door. When they were inside the room he looked at both of them very seriously.
“Stay here, no matter what you hear do not come out until we come and get you, is that clear?” Legolas asked.
Locira and Sakira noticed the sterness in his voice, Sakira almost felt like a child being told what to do, but she saw the gentleness in his eyes and realized he just wanted to keep them safe. So Sakira and Locira nodded in agreement then watched as Legolas returned to Aragorn, all the while Sakira was thinking that she was going to help somehow.


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