When Orc’s Attack Chapter 7

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Aragorn covered his mouth and cleared his throat to try to nonchalantly get Legolas and Sakira’s attention, but it seemed they found each other more enticing. “Well that didn’t work but maybe…” “Maybe what?” Locira questioned as she cut her eyes at him. She watched as Aragorn took out his canteen and shook it, “I hope theres enough left.” “Enough left for what?” she asked as he walked past her toward Legolas while unscrewing the cap. “No Aragorn” Locira pleaded realizing what he was intending to do. Aragorn looked at her then put his finger up to his lips and continued to sneak up on them.
Unknown to Aragorn, Legolas and Sakira had heard everything and were aware of what he was doing. They were looking at each other trying not to laugh and give themselves away. Revenge time Legolas was thinking with a grin, he could barely contain himself. One more step Aragorn thought to himself and then….as he held the canteen over Legolas’s head ready to pour, Legolas with lightning speed reached up and grabbed his hand, knocking the canteen to the floor and twisted Aragorn’s arm behind his back. “Now I’ve got you where I want you!” Legolas proudly announced. “Hey, that hurts” Aragorn said half-laughing as he wriggled around trying to get loose, this only made Legolas tighten his grip. “Owww, why are you doing this?” “I’m getting a little revenge for the bath you were about to give me and the one from before” Legolas growled.
Sakira had backed away from the fight and snuck around them and had joined Locira, now she was watching with some concern. “You don’t think they’ll hurt each other do you?” “Nah they are just like typical men, they think they have to show how macho they are.” And that they were Locira and Sakira thought as they watched them wrestle against each other their muscular bodies sweaty….
Then their wistful thoughts were interrupted by the playful screams and laughs of pain of Aragorn, “Okay, Okay Stop!” he was pleading as he bent over further trying to take the tension off his arm. “Legolas let him go” Sakira said softly, at her gentle request Legolas let go and Aragorn took hold of his sore arm and shook it then rubbed it trying to bgay back some sensation. Aragorn looked at Legolas smiling and wincing, “good fight, I’d shake your hand if I could feel my arm.” Locira stepped in giggling, “C’mon handsome let me take care of that arm.” as Locira lead him away Aragorn looked back at Legolas and they nodded in recognition at each other.
“Him and his jokes, but I got the better of him that time” Legolas proclaimed when they were alone, his heart was still pumping hard. “Oh Legolas you know he was just kidding, and that deep down he cares about you, same as I do, but men think they have to pick on each other to show it” Sakira then realized she had told him she cares about him. She hadn’t meant for those words to slip out but they had and now she couldn’t take them back, she looked down a little embarrassed by her own forwardness. It was then she noticed the round silver pendant laying on the ground at Legolas’s feet, “isnt that one of the pendants you collected from the dead men?” Legolas looked at it and realized he must have dropped it when he took her hand before. Sakira bent down and picked it up and held it in her open hand examining it, she turned it over and saw inscribed on it a name of a man and woman with forever. The letters were uneven and shaky as if done by someone inexperienced. “Look I bet the man who owned this carved the name of his wife and this message, to give to her on his return, isnt that romantic?” “If she was as beautiful as you I wouldnt have blamed him” Legolas answered putting his fingers under her chin and raising it so he could look in her eyes. “Awww c’mom I bet you say that to all the girls, calling them beautiful I mean” Sakira kidded as she raised her hands to his chest and playfully pushed him back. He caught them in his, she tried to pull away but he held them there. Sakira was so taken by his closeness all she could do was gaze into his blue eyes, she thought they were like a deep endless ocean. “Sakira…” he whispered “I’ve been wanting to give you something since I first met you.” “What?” she asked her heart was pounding. He paused as he stepped closer, “a kiss” he said and took her cheek in the palm of his hand and caressed it with his thumb. “Ohh” she responded as her eyes poured over his face stopping on his parted lips. “May I?” he asked. She opened her mouth to answer but only a soft sigh emerged from it. Her heart fluttered with anticipation as he leaned closer until they were only a whisper apart, then he brought his lips down to meet hers in the most soft tender kiss she had ever had. As they kissed the world seemed to disappear and it was only them, then Legolas ended the kiss and as she felt the world around her again she felt the pendant she had been holding slip from her hand and the chain became entwined around her fingers. Without breaking eye contact she took her hand that still held the chain and put it over his, then brought it up and laid his hand over her heart. She then lowered his hand and opened his pocket and dropped the pendant inside and listened as it clinked against the others. “For safe keeping….just like my heart” Sakira whispered then embraced him letting herself sink into the safety of his arms.

The next thing they heard was Aragorn’s footsteps and shouts as he rushed back to them followed by Locira with this they quickly parted.
“Legolas I’m sorry to interrupt but I think the Orc’s are getting ready to leave!” Just then the roaring of the Orc’s mixed with the frightened voices of their captives reached their ears. “You two stay here while we see what’s going on” Legolas told Sakira then kissed her quickly on the cheek and followed Aragorn who had already started downstairs. They crept around the bodies and broken glass and up to the window to watch the Orc’s. The Orc’s he’d taken rope from their belts and were in the process of tying it around each of the women’s neck’s while leaving about a foot of loose rope between. “Not to tight we don’t want any dead women…yet” the largest Orc laughed evily as he walked down the line inspecting their progress.
“Get your dirty hands off me!” a tall dark haired brown eyed woman started yelling. The same Orc then strode over to see what the commotion was. “She won’t get in line” a smaller Orc whined obviously in fear. “Hmmm this one has some spunk, I think I may have a better purpose for her” he said as he looked her over then touched the womans face. The next thing she knew she was laying on the ground reeling from the hard slap the Orc delivered to her cheek. “NOOO!” another woman cried. The larger Orc then took out a whip from his belt and flicked it in the air above them, the loud snapping noise it made drew everyone’s attention including Aragorn and Legolas. “NOW GET UP AND GET IN LINE!” “Dalia, just do as they say!” another woman pleaded. Dalia did as she was told holding the bright red mark on her cheek, that was already starting to welt.
“Now we know which person is Dalia” Legolas said shaking his head. “Let’s just hope she continues to do as they say, we dont want her dead, now lets get back to Locira and Sakira” Aragorn answered.


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