When Orc’s Attack Chapter 6

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Startled Legolas jerked away at his touch, he was surprised to see anyone alive, moments earlier he had checked him and thought he was dead. Legolas bent down to look at his wounds trying not to let the man see him cringe, unfortunately he knew nothing could be done for him. The man already knew he was dying, he had accepted that fact, he was more worried about his wife.
“Please help her” the man muttered barely over a whisper, trying to swallow back the pain. “Who?” Legolas asked anxiously. “My wife…the Orc’s took her” he said as he struggled to lift his head. Legolas looked at him sympathetically “We’ll get her back, she’ll be okay, lay back down. The man grabbed Legolas by the shirt and pulled him closer “promise me” he begged. “I promise, tell me her name and describe her to me” Legolas said. “Daelia” he paused as his breathing became more labored, “Daelia…that’s her…name,” then he gasped for air, closed his eyes and fell silent.
Legolas bowed his head and said an Elven prayer for him, as a tear escaped his eye. He was thinking how sad it was going to be to tell his wife of his death. Then he stood up and drew out of his pocket the silver crest the man had been wearing and rubbed it between his fingers, then started back up the stairs to meet Aragorn, Locira, and Sakira.
“What’s wrong?” they asked when they saw his gloomy face. “There was a man left alive down there, he was in agony but managed to tell me his wife was captured by the Orcs. He made me promise to save her…then he died”
“Did he give you her name and a description?” “Yes her name is Daelia, but he died before he could describe her. Aragorn, a man’s dying wish is sacred, I made a promise to him and I must keep it!” Legolas told him in a very serious tone. Aragorn put his hand on his friends shoulder, “Yes I agree, we will do everything we can to help Daelia and the other captives.” Sakira then noticed Legolas moving something around in his closed hand, “what do you have there?” He then opened his hand and showed them the bloody pendant, “all the men were wearing these, I have the rest in my pocket, I thought the families would like to have them back.”
Locira and Sakira could see how important the sacrifice of life in battle was to the men of this time. Emotion overcame Sakira and she went up to Legolas and sweetly kissed him on the cheek. “What was that for?” he asked touching the warm spot. “Your a good man Legolas, you too Aragorn” she said as she looked at both of them and smiled, they nodded in response in silence. “Lets say a prayer for the men who died and the women they left behind” Locira uttered breaking the quietness, then they all bent their heads in private thoughts. Sakira ended hers and thoughts of death were replaced by those of Legolas and what Locira had said earlier about him liking her. Could it be true, could the smiles and lingering looks mean more…, she opened her eyes slightly and looked over at him in wonder. Should I take a chance and tell him how I feel, how he makes my heart go crazy…ohhh what’s the use, this is only a dream and sooner or later Locira will wake up and it will all be over. Legolas must have sensed her stares because he unexpectantly opened his eyes and looked over at her. When their eyes met he smiled then reached out and took her hand in his and squeezed it gently then let it go. He did it so fast she wasn’t even sure it had happened, except for the lingering warmth it left in her body.


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