When Orc’s Attack Chapter 5

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They started down the hallway making their way through the maze of broken tables, and unrecognizable objects that were scattered on the floor. As they descended the stairs to the third floor, Aragorn felt Locira start to move in his arms. “She’s waking up!” he announced as he laid her down and bent over her taking her hand. Sakira was immediately at his side hovering over her, with Legolas behind her. “What happened?” Locira asked as she slowly opened her eyes and looked around. “Don’t you remember you fainted at the sight of the blood?” a horrified look appeared on Lociras face as the memory came flooding back, “the Orc’s they’re not still her are they?” she asked grabbing Aragorn’s shirt in a panic. “No, No they’re gone, we are the only one’s here” she relaxed a little then and managed to smile at them weakly. Aragorn and Sakira each put their hand on her back, and raised her up to a sitting position, then moved her against the wall. “I’m..sorry” Locira apoligized, “No need for that, were just glad your okay” Aragorn told her compassionately, she knew by the look in his eyes he was sincere. Locira then looked at her sister as she laid her bow down, then sat down beside her for a hug. Aragorn watched them for a minute making sure Locira was okay, then nodded to Legolas and they excused themselves to the other end of the hall.
“I am so tired, I wish this whole thing was over” Locira groaned as soon as they were alone. “I’m tired too but just have patience they will get us out of here soon” Sakira said gesturing toward Legolas and losing herself in thought of his strong arms around her. “Sakira, Sakira come back” Locira said snapping her fingers in her face. The noise caught the attention of Legolas who glimsed her way and smiled. It also brought Sakira out of her daydream, still hazy eyed. “You looked like you were a million miles away” “No…but it may as well be” Sakira whined, “Hey I’ve seen the way he looks at you, he definitely likes…” “Shh, here they come.”
Aragorn and Legolas walked back over to them, “so what are you to talking about?” Legolas inquired his arms folded. “Nothing, just girl stuff” Sakira shrugged innocently, hoping the blush on her cheeks didn’t show. Aragorn was holding a small canteen of water, “are you thirsty?” “Yes thank you” Locira took the canteen and quenched her thirst then handed it to Sakira. As Sakira drank Locira glanced up to see Aragorn watching her, she suddenly felt self-consious. “I must look a terrible sight!” she said as she wiped her hand over her sweaty face, then pushed some stray pieces of her curly auburn hair back behind her ear, “N you look fine…really” Aragorn answered softly, Locira smiled at the compliment, then stood up beside him and they talked quietly. Meanwhile Sakira had finished her drink and held the canteen out to Legolas, who bent down in front of her to take it. As she passed it to him their hands touched and a warmth washed over Sakira, she looked away as he drank but was soon drawn back to his twinkling eyes, they had captured her. As they held each others gaze Sakira suddenly noticed water dripping down Legolas’s head, at that same moment Legolas yelled “Hey!” as she looked up to see Aragorn behind him holding the canteen over his head. “I thought you looked like you could use some cooling off, come on I think we’ve rested long enough” Aragorn smiled as he capped the canteen. Legolas shook his wet head and gave Aragorn a dirty look, as Aragorn slung the canteen over his shoulder and started down the hallway with Locira laughing. “Yeah keep laughing my friend, you had better sleep with one eye open tonight!” Legolas yelled as he held his damp shirt away from his body and stood up. He then offered Sakira his wet hand, which she declined smirking, “thanks but I think I can stand by myself” she did then turned to follow Aragorn as uncontrollabe laughter escaped her.
“Revenge will be so sweet!” Legolas mumbled when he noticed Sakira’s bow still on the floor, he picked it and was reminded of something Sakira had said earlier. “What were you starting to tell me about a dream?” Legolas asked catching up and handing her the bow. She pretended she didn’t hear him and changed the subject.
“Aragorn you never told us how you found us and what your doing here in the first place” “We’ll because of the Orc’s running freely through the countryside destroying everything, Elrond sent us to bring all the women and children in this area to Rivendell…” “So you’re taking us to Rivendell?” Sakira asked excitedly “but what about those held captive by the Orc’s?” “Were going to wait until dark and take them by surprise…”
“Uhh, what’s that horrendous smell?” “Yeah I’ve never smelt anything like it before!” Aragorn knew what it was, but because of Locira’s earlier reaction he didn’t think it wise to say. He had smelt it before in battle, it was the stench of the dead. Legolas recognized it to, “Why don’t you two stay here with Aragorn while I go have a look.” he could tell by the looks on their faces, they weren’t going to argue.
Legolas went down to the last floor, as he came to bottom of the stairs the smell and the sight was ghastly, on the floor amidst broken glass and furniture were the bodies and the blood of the men the Orc’s had viciously slain. As he stepped onto the crimson stained floor, then over and around the men, he checked them quickly for life. He noticed each wore the same silver crest around their neck with initials on them “these men must belong to the same army” he said as he gathered them and slipped them in his pocket. “Legolas what do you see?” Aragorn called down, “It’s a massacre down here, “do you see the Orc’s?” Legolas looked out the front door which was hanging half off and saw the Orc’s had their captives sitting under a tree, not far from the house. “Yes I see them, we cant get Locira and Sakira out the front without them seeing us, we have to find another way.” Legolas answered then started back toward the stairs when he heard a low groan, and a blood stained hand grabbed his leg.


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