“When Orc’s Attack” Chapter 4

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“Are you two okay?” Aragorn asked as they hurried over to Locira and Sakira. “I think so, but I’m glad you two showed up when you did.” “Hey, I think we did a pretty good job of taking out those Orc’s!” Sakira said holding up her bow triumphantly, Legolas looked at her and smiled. Locira smiled too then felt Aragorn’s eyes watching her, she turned to see him looking closely at her neck, he came closer and reached out to touch it.
“Not that I’m complaining but what are you…Oww.” Aragorn then showed her the blood on his fingertips, she then felt the cut, it had started to burn, or she was just noticing it she didn’t know which, “The Orc must have cut me when he put the knife to my throat, is it bad?” “Not to bad” he said as he quickly reached into a bag at his waist and took out some medicine. He then quickly but gently spread it over the cut, and covered it with a bandage. He then looked up and smiled at her, between that and his soft touch Locira quivered, she hoped he hadn’t noticed, “Thank you” she said quietly.
In the meantime Legolas had turned to Sakira, “Are you hurt?” He looked her over and after not seeing any injuries he looked up at her face, and when their eyes met a jolt hit his heart like he hadn’t felt before. Sakira felt it too, or was she dreaming, if she could get her mouth to work and her heart to slow down she could answer she thought. “No… I’m okay” she said blushing then looked down at the bow she held. Legolas’s eyes followed hers, “That’s a beautiful bow may I see it?” “Sure, but it’s not mine I think the Orc’s captured whoever owns it, I found it after my sister brought us into this dream…” “What dream?”
“Are you ready to get them out of here?” Aragorn asked closing his medicine bag then looking at him. “Wait Sakira was going to tell me about…” Legolas started but was interrupted when they heard Orc’s outside the window again, as they all looked toward it they saw the ladder begin to shake. “I think more Orc’s are climbing up the ladder” Locira yelled. Legolas handed the bow back to Sakira and ran to the balcony and looked down to see two Orc’s on it.
“What do you see?” Sakira asked. “Two Orc’s are climbing up the ladder” Legolas then readied an arrow then fired it at them, and simultaneously the first Orc threw a knife straight up toward Legolas, who easily dodged it as it went over the balcony and stuck in the floor. Meanwhile Legolas’s arrow hit the first Orc directly in the chest and sent him careening backward into the other Orc, and as they fell they took the ladder with them.
“Now lets get Locira and Sakira out of here before we’re met by more Orc’s!” he said as he grabbed Sakira’s hand and started for the door, followed by Aragorn and Locira.
But they all stopped when the floor started to shake, more Orc’s were on the same floor as them and seemed to be running down the hallway toward their room. They didn’t have time to do anything but push the women behind them before the Orc’s rushed through the door. Locira and Sakira stumbled backward falling over each other and onto the floor, while Legolas and Aragorn jumped to the side and rolled out of the way as the Orc’s barrelled into the room. The Orc’s didn’t see Legolas or Aragorn to the side of them, only the two women huddled on the floor. They had knives in hand and continued charging toward them, Legolas then raised to one knee and aimed his bow at one of the Orc’s back and fired two arrows together. The arrows hit with such force they thrust him forward into the first Orc, knocking them both to the floor only inches from Locira and Sakira. Locira screamed while Sakira quickly readied an arrow as they watched the Orc push the dead one off him and get up. The Orc then reared back ready to stab them when two arrows hit him, one shot came from Sakira’s bow the other from Legolas’s. He then fell dead right in front of the women, as blood puddled under him. Then they heard an agonizing howl and turned to see the last Orc on the floor and Aragorn cutting his throat.
Seeing all the blood Locira covered her eyes and turned her head away gagging, a nauseous feeling came over her. “You don’t look so good Locira” Sakira said pushing her hair out of her face, she then called for Aragorn. She tried to help her sister get up but her knees started to buckle, she fainted just as Aragorn came up behind her and she fell into his arms.
“Locira!” “She’s going to be okay she just fainted, looks like I’ll have to carry her though. Legolas you get Sakira and let’s get out of here!” Aragorn yelled scooping her up and headed for the door. “You look a little shaky yourself an you walk?” “Yeah let’s go!” Legolas could tell she was putting on a brave front, so he took her arm to steady her and they followed Aragorn.


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