When Orc’s Attack! Chapter 3 – The Orc’s have broken in to the house Locira and Sakira are in!

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In the midst of muffled terrified screaming and loud crashing noises from the floors below, comes a frightened woman’s voice…
“Sakira..! Sakira..! Wake up!” Locira yelled as she shook her sisters still form that was lying on the floor, while Dreama stood beside her meowing.
“What..?, what happened?” Sakira asked groggily as she started to come around. She tried to lift her head, but the dizziness she felt forced her to lay back down.
“Don’t you remember, when we heard the Orc’s break in downstairs we started to run out of the room, that’s when you tripped over the blanket and fell and hit your head on the table” Locira told her.
“Orc’s where in the heck are we?” Sakira asked still a little confused, as she sat up holding her head and was covered with cat kisses.
Your still in this nightmare with me stuck in the LOTR time period” Locira repeated worried. All the commotion from below suddenly snapped Sakira back to reality (of the dream anyway). Then they heard one of the Orc’s yell, “Kill all the men and get the women and children together and take them outside, we have guests now!”
Locira and Sakira then heard frantic pleading screams from the women “NOOO! Please dont!”
“Oh No! those poor people, I wish we could help them but we can’t even help ourselves, we’re not going to get out of this alive!” Locira cried feeling helpless. “Yes we are we have to believe that!” Sakira said taking her by the arms, “remember we are on one of the upper floors, so they have to go through a lot of rooms before they will get to us, that will by us some time!”
“Your right” Locira said calming down then looked down to see Dreama crawling through her legs, she picked her up and hugged her all the while listening to the commotion below.
“Now we need to find weapons, do you remember seeing any while you were looking around before you found me?”
“I..I don’t remember” Locira muttered. Sakira sighed “We’ll we might as well start looking through the closets and stuff in here.” Sakira ran to a cabinet across the room and pulled on the door, while Locira started to look through the closet.
“The cabinet is locked did you find anything in here?” Sakira asked as she joined her sister. “No let’s try the dresser” she suggested. They started going through the drawers but didn’t find anything. “Let’s check another room.”
The two women ran up and down the hall looking through rooms leaving a mess behind in each. They were on the fifth room and upon finding the cabinet locked in it they decided to look through the dresser hoping they would find a key.
“You take the left side and I’ll take the right!” Locira said as she pulled out the drawers.
Then the heard the Orc’s stomping up the stairs. “Check all the rooms fella’s if someone’s still here we’ll find them!”
“Locira their coming upstairs now!” Sakira cried stopping. Locira was scared too but she couldn’t let Sakira see how much. “Keep looking, we still have some time!” They both went back to the task at hand. Locira was going through the last drawer on her side and still hadn’t found anything, when Sakira picked up a small wooden box, with cat’s carved into it, that had been sitting on the dresser. When she opened it she found several rings and a silver key.
“Hey look at this” Sakira said as she held it up. “Maybe that will open the cabinet” Locira said taking the key from her and running to it. “Cross your fingers” she said as she turned the key in the lock. Relief ran through then as the cabinet door opened, but inside were only neatly folded blankets and sheets.
Locira leaned against the door “I’m tired of looking in all these rooms let’s just…” “Wait there’s another drawer” Sakir said taking the key from Locira and unlocked it and slid it open. In it they found folded clothes, and when Sakira looked underneath then she found a large bag made of leather. The bag had a large letter D sewn in gold on it and some mysterious hair was all over it, she ran her fingers over the monogram and wondered who’s it could be.
She picked it up and took it over to the bed and drew open the drawstring closure, as she did this Dreama jumped up on the bed and rubbed on the bag like it was an old friend, they had to push her away so they could look inside.
“I wonder what’s in it” Sakira said. “Don’t get your hopes up” Locira said “it’s probably just some old…”
Locira gasped when she saw Sakira take out two bows that were beautifully made out of ivory, one had cats meticulously carved and painted all around it. Along with the bows were several arrows and all were in pristine condition.
“Wow these must have been someone’s prized possessions!” Sakira said and upon closer inspection she saw that one of the cats on the bow had been painted to resemble Dreama who then came over and laid down on the empty bag and meowed. “I wonder, Dreama was this your owners?” Sakira asked. Dreama sat up and meowed and swung her tail around excitedly. They both laughed, “I think it was…” Locira started but was interrupted, by what sounded like three Orc’s who seemed to be arguing.
“This is a waste of time, there isn’t anyone else up here!” one of the Orc’s said. “Yeah all we’ve found are empty beds and who cares about a few missed women and children anyway!” said another. “Lurch might, he gave us a job to do now come on!”
Locira and Sakira then heard them stomping up another flight of stairs, then realized they were on the floor below them.
“Their going to find us, we need to go to the top floor” Sakira said as she put the arrows back in the bag and picked up the carved bow, then handed the other to Locira. “I’ll take you to the room I woke up in, follow me!” Locira picked up Dreama and ran out of the room followed by Sakira, she led them up some stairs, down the hall and into the room.
“What do we do now?” Locira asked as she nervously petted the cat. Sakira took two arrows out of the leather bag and handed one to Locira, “Quick get an arrow set in your bow!” she told her. Locira put Dreama down and watched as she hid under the bed, then took the arrow and while frantically trying to get the arrow ready she dropped it several times “I can’t do this!” she finally said.
Sakira was about to help when they heard a loud banging noise, then looked to the balcony where they saw a crudely made ladder land there. “Sakira their going to come through the window, isn’t this where Aragorn and Legolas are supposed to show up?”
“I don’t know this is your dream!” Sakira retorted then knelt to one knee and set her arrow in the bow string, while Locira still fumbled with hers. Sakira could see her sisters frustration and tried to guide her through it, “Just remember what I taught you pull the arrow back gently but firmly, hold your breath and …”
What seemed like only seconds later an Orc appeared at the top of the ladder, followed by another, they paused and growled at Locira and Sakira as saliva and dirt dripped from their bodies. Dreama stuck her head out from under the bed and started hissing.
As the first Orc set foot on the balcony Sakira yelled “FIRE!” and launched an arrow straight for him and hit him directly in the forehead, and with a roar he fell backward over the balcony to his death. Locira fired her arrow to, but she was shaking so much it only went a few feet and landed harmlessly on the floor.
“You killed him!” Locira yelled but her celebration was short when the second Orc jumped over the balcony, raised his knife and started toward Locira, and all she could do was stand there seemingly frozen in a trance.
“Watch Out!” Sakira screamed as she quickly fired another arrow, it penetrated his chest which made him yell out in pain and sent blood dripping from the wound, but the Orc kept running toward Locira. The Orc’s yelling brought Locira out of her trance just in time to roll away from a fatal slash of his knife, she then grabbed the first object she could find, it laid by the fireplace and was a metal rod similiar to a fireplace poker of today. She stood up and waved it around like a sword then brought it up, just as the Orc was upon her. The Orc stood over her and laughed “What do you think you’re going to do with that?” “This!” Locira screamed as she thrust the end of the poker at the Orc stabbing him in the mid-section, and while the Orc was bent over she swung the poker around like a bat hitting him on the side of the head.
“HAHAHA!” the Orc laughed then stood up, his laugh reverberated throughout the room, “Is that all you’ve got?” he asked as he took a few steps toward her knife poised backing her up against the wall.
“That and more!” Sakira yelled and as the Orc turned his head around to look at Sakira she shot another arrow hitting the Orc in the back, and started to ready another. While the Orc tried to pull the arrow out Locira slipped around him and ran to the other side of the room, poker still in hand. This only made the Orc madder “You think you can get away from me that easily?” he growled following her. He reached Locira his knife raised slashing at her, she raised her weapon just as he brought his down, the hard meeting of metal sent a shockwave through Locira’s body. The Orc brought his knife around again in a sweeping motion to cut Locira in the stomach but she jumped backward as the blade just missed. She then brought her weapon up in an attempt to run him through, but the Orc blocked it twirling it around and knocking her and her weapon to the floor. The Orc then grabbed Locira by the hair and pulled her to her feet and to the horror of Sakira put his knife to her throat.
“Say goodbye!” the Orc said evily taunting Sakira. “NOOO!” Sakira screamed as she fired another arrow at the Orc, Locira cringed and closed her eyes thinking this was the end.
The arrow hit the Orc directly between the eyes and with a howl he let go of Locira’s hair. Locira took this opportunity to get away and ran to her sister. As they hugged they heard the Orc let out another pitiful cry, they looked up to see him swaying about with two more arrows and a knife mysteriously protruding from his body. Wait Sakira thought I shot him with three arrows, where had the other two come from, not the mention the knife.
“Are you two okay?” asked a husky voice from behind then, the voice sounded familiar but could it really be? Sakira and Locira looked at each other then turned to see two people they never imagined they would meet standing in the doorway. Aragorn’s long dark hair hung wildly in his face and Legolas stood beside him still holding his bow, both women stood speechless as they looked at them.


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