When Orc’s Attack! Chapter 2

by Mar 11, 2004Stories

Upon hearing the Orc’s Locira’s body reacted wildly her
heart started pounding fiercely in her chest and she was
sweating profusily.
“Okay calm down!” she said as she sat back down on the
large bed trying to compose herself, by using breathing
techniques she learned in yoga. As she started to relax
she remembered the archery and defense classes her sister
Sakira had made her take. Although Sakira had excelled
in archery Locira wasn’t as good with a bow, she did enjoy
the karate and defense lessons though and learned
quickly how to take a man down with one blow.
As she re-enacted in her head the techniques she had
learned confidence filled her, but she knew it probably
wouldn’t be good enough to defend herself against the
Orc’s, a man yes but Orc’s were another thing.
A mental picture of the Orc’s popped into Locira’s head,
just the thought of getting close enough to touch one
of them made her cringe.
“No I need a weapon like a knife or a bow and arrow, if
I’m going to have any chance against them!” Even
though I doubt I could shoot an arrow straight if my life
depended on it, and it just might” Locira muttered funny
how that little adage could be so true Locira thought.
“This is one of those times I wish Sakira was here,
because when it came to archery she had the steady
hands and skill of a pro, but on the other hand I don’t
want her to be in danger either” Locira stated.
“Well Sakira’s not here so I have to depend on myself,
and just standing around isn’t helping me find a
weapon” she told herself working up the nerve to walk out
of the room, she was afraid of the unknown but more
afraid of the impending Orc attack, which she probably
had little chance of surviving. And with that thought she
headed for the door, picking up a candleholder that was
sitting on the bedside table on the way.
Upon entering the hall Locira noticed the many candles
that were evenly spaced throughout, the gloomy shadows
they gave off only added to her anxiety.
As she passed several rooms and looked inside she
noticed in some of them the beds were neatly made and
the rooms spotless, but in others the beds were messed
up and books, blankets, and miscellaneous things were
scattered around. “So there were people here, but by
the looks of things they left quickly, maybe if I’m lucky
somebody will still be around.” Locira said hopefully then
left the room to continue her search.
As Locira continued to walk down the hall, she passed
small tables that were placed against the walls, on some
of them sat boats handsomely carved out of wood and
ivory. Above the tables hung paintings of seascapes
some had tranquil oceans with ships sailing into
beautiful sunsets of red, orange and yellow; while others
showed the oceans turbulent side with large waves and
dark threatening clouds, like storms were upon them.
After looking in the rest of the rooms on that floor and
finding no one, a discouraging feeling started coming
over Locira, but she couldn’t let it get her spirits down.
It was difficult though because she knew the Orc’s were
close by and could attack at any time.
As she trudged on she came to the end of the hall, where
she found some stairs and holding up her candle to see
descended them.
This floor being similiar to the first, was also decorated
with fine paintings and long rectangular rugs on the
wooden floor. Locira looked hastily through the rooms,
she quickly found that they had been left in the same
condition as the previous ones and to make matters
worse there was still not a soul in sight.
“Well it looks like I’m stuck here all alone after all”
Locira told herself forlornly sitting down on the bed.
As she sat there she started thinking about all the other
nightmares she has been having lately, that have
transported her into her dreams.
“Why does this keep happening to me, the nightmares
I mean, am I a bad person? No! I care about people,
animals, the world…”
The more questions she asked the more confused she
felt, finally she fell backwards on the bed in frustration.
She laid there for a minute fighting back the tears that
were welling up in her eyes.
“No I’m not going to do that!” she yelled at herself as
she sat up wiping them away. “I’m going to get out of
here someway, even if I have to do it by myself, the
Orc’s are not going to get me!”
As she said this a new determination filled her, but as
she rose from the bed to leave she heard something that
made her pulse quicken, it was the Orc’s.
It sounded like they were roaring and chanting something
as they advanced, Locira listened more intently but she
couldn’t quite make out the words. Amidst their song
she heard horses, and by the sound of them they were
angry and scared.
Locira ran to the window and looked out over the trees
to see how far away they were. As she pushed back the
curtains she could see the first rays of the sun peeking
over the horizon, and in the predawn light she could
barely make out the band of Orc’s headed her way.
She estimated them to be a couple of miles away yet,
they were carrying torches that lit up the area around
them like a birthday cake, as she watched the cluster of
fire make it’s way closer a new sense of urgency came
over her.
“Even though their having to fight horses their still
moving pretty fast, they will be here sooner than I thought
I have to get out of here!” she said as she backed away
from the window and ran out of the room.
As she entered the hallway at a run, her foot caught the
end of a bunched up rug and the next thing she knew
she found herself sprawled out on the floor, the lit candle
rolling away from her.
As the candle rolled the flame caught the carpet on fire
in several different places, she leaped to her feet and ran
over to stamp them out. After a few minutes of feverisly
pounding the rug she extinguished the flames; thereupon
she collapsed on the singed carpet, laying her forehead
on her arm. “Is this nightmare ever going to end?” she
sighed wearily.
Just then she felt something brush up against her,
startled she looked up to see a small gray, black, and
white calico cat staring at her. “Hi, where did you come
from, are your owners still here?” she asked the cat as
she propped herself up on her elbows and stroked the
cats head.
Then she sat up and took it into her arms, the cats soft
purring lulled her thoughts away from the Orc’s for a
minute. Then she held the cat up and looked into it’s blue
“You know your awfully cute, I think I’ll call you Dreama
because I wouldn’t have found you if I wasn’t in a dream,
and listen don’t take this the wrong way I love cats, but
if you were a dog, you could lead me to your owner.”
The cat looked at Locira and meowed and leaped out of
her arms landing soundlessly on the floor, then turned
to look at her.
“What?” Locira asked shrugging, then the cat darted
around the corner flicking her tail.
“Where are you going, I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings
but you need to come with me, you don’t want the Orc’s
to find you!” Locira said as she stood up “I know your
supposed to have nine lives, but don’t push ypur luck!”
Being a cat lover she couldn’t in good conscience leave
it behind so she followed it.
“Here Dreama!” Locira called running around the corner
and up to the door of another room, then peeked in just
in time to see the cat had jumped up on the bed and was
making herself comfortable, but she wasn’t alone there
was someone under the covers.
“Hello” Locira said tentatively, then watched as the form
under the blanket twisted, turned and moaned in a
fitful sleep.
“Hey is this your owner?” Locira asked the cat as it laid
there being tossed around like a boat on the ocean.
The cat meowed at her, “Why am I asking you?” then she
turned her attention back to the sleeping form.
“Helloooo” Locira called again a little louder, as she took
a couple of steps toward the bed.
“Hello wake up!” she was almost close enough to touch
the person when they stuck an arm out and waved it
around and in doing so stripped the blanket from around
their head revealing her tossled blond hair and pretty
Locira immediately recognized her, “Sakira!” she yelled
happily. The high pitched of Locira’s voice startled Sakira
out of her sleep.
“WHAT?” Sakira screamed as she sat up with a start and
fell out of bed, taking the cat with her as they both landed
on the floor entangled in the blanket.
“Owww!” Sakira groaned as she laid on the floor.
“Are you okay?” Locira asked as she hurried over to help
her sit up.
“I guess so” Sakira answered pulling the blanket off her
head as the cat scrambled out and ran under the bed.
“I didn’t mean to wake you that way but I was just so
surprised to see you!” Locira exclaimed.
“Wait a minute this isn’t my room, how did I get here?”
Sakira asked as she woke up a little more.
“What is this place, it looks like a medieval castle or
“Well that’s kind of a long story” Locira said as she
helped Sakira up and they both sat on the bed, just then
the cat peeked her head out and meowed at them.
“Who’s this?” Sakira asked looking at the cat.
“This is Dreama, she lead me to you” Locira informed her
“Hi Dreama” Sakira said as she bent down and petted her
on the head.
“Okay now tell me what is going on Locira, this is another
one of your crazy dreams isn’t it?” Sakira asked.
“Welll…..” Locira started.
“I knew it!” Sakira said sarcastically.
“Before you start yelling let me tell you the whole story”
Locira butted in. The cats curiosity must have gotten the
best of her along with Sakira’s, because Dreama jumped
up on the bed putting her paws across Sakira’s legs, like
she was waiting to hear a good story too.
(Locira then started to re-tell what had happened up to the
part where she put out the fire)
“Let me interrupt this fascinating story and get something
straight” Sakira said sarcastically.
“Your telling me were back in The Lord Of The Rings time
and there are real Orc’s out there and you think they are
after you.”
“Yes I looked outside and I saw them coming this way,
they are only a couple of miles from here, we have to
leave quickly they will be here soon!” Locira said almost
frantic, then she watched Sakira for a minute and cringed
she knew what was about to happen.
Sakira couldn’t hold it in any longer, “I can’t BELIEVE this
is happening again, I told YOU you’ve been watching the
Lord Of The Rings to MUCH!” Locira could see how upset
Sakira was by putting her through another wild adventure.
“You promised me you would leave me OUT of your
adventures!” Sakira screamed beside herself with anger,
scaring the cat so she jumped off her lap and ran under
the bed, and in doing so scratched Sakira’s legs agitating
her more.
“This is JUST like the time you had a nightmare about
pirates after watching that pirate movie about a dozen
“You mean Pirates of The Caribbean” Locira interrupted.
“Whatever AND what about the time…”
Locira cut her off bellowing, “I get the picture I get into
movies to much, I’m sorry! Now quit yelling at me, I know
I promised but I can’t control my dreams!” Locira retorted
angry and hurt that she would bring up the past again.
“Let’s just concentrate on the here and now and try to get
us both out of here alive.”
“Okay how do you propose to do that?” Locira asked
“Well I think it’s pretty simple, all you need to do is wake
up!” Sakira said pausing for a moment, and then the
next thing Locira felt was a slap on her face.
“Ow! what was that for?” Locira asked rubbing her cheek.
“What better way to wake you up and get a little revenge
at the same time, but it didn’t work maybe if I hit you
harder” Sakira said smiling evily.
“Just try it!” Locira yelled putting her fist up to defend
herself. “Okay I was just kidding theres no need to use
your defense moves on me, save those for the Orc’s!”
Sakira said holding up her hands like she was surrending.
“Think of some way else!” Locira commanded, “and it
better not involve touching me!”
“Maybe if you tried to go back to sleep! ” Sakira suggested.
“Uh do you really expect me to go to sleep knowing there
are Orc’s out there?” Locira asked in disbelief.
“No..Yes…I don’t know!” Sakira stammered in frustration.
“You see it’s not as simple as you thought” Locira teased
while Sakira gave her a dirty look.
“Let’s both stop for a minute and think logically about this”
Locira told Sakira then paused to collect her thoughts.
“Alright number one, were stuck in The Lord Of The Rings
“Number two, there are Orc’s coming!”
“Number three, they could attack at any time!”
“Number four, we have no weapons and no one around
to help us except for a cat!” Sakira piped in as she looked
at the cat who meowed at her.
“So basically were up *@#* creek!” they both exclaimed
Out of ideas and getting exasperated Sakira said, ” Why
do you have to make me a part of this anyway, do you
think my life isn’t exciting enough, I just go day by day
minding my own…” Sakira started then paused as a
thought came to her mind.
“Wait a minute since this is the Lord Of The Rings time, do
you think there’s a chance that Legolas and Aragorn could
show up just in the knick-of-time, brandishing their
weapons to save the fair maidens from a certain and
untimely death?” Sakira asked in her most dramatic voice.
“And you say I’VE been watching the Lord Of The Rings to
much!” Locira said rolling her eyes.
“Well a woman can always hope can’t she? Sakira asked.
“Well what would you say if I told you that they were here,
but I’ve been keeping them for myself this whole time”
Locira teased.
“You know that would be just like you!” Sakira replied
putting her hands on her hips.
“What do you mean by that?” Locira retorted angrily.
They both looked at each other and as they realized how
silly they sounded, huge smiles appeared on their faces
and they began to laugh.
“I can’t believe were fighting over Aragorn and Legolas
they aren’t even here and they probably won’t be.”
Sakira stated.
“I know we wouldn’t get that lucky!” Locira said
“Well you never know, anything could happen in a dream
or else we wouldn’t be here in the first place.” Sakira
“True but that would be under the headings of a GOOD
dream, so far this has only been a nightmare and I’m
afraid it’s only going to get worse!” Locira had hardly
gotten the words out when they heard the sound of
breaking wood and glass, and muffled screams from
the floors below.
Locira and Sakira caught their breath and looked at each
other, “IT’S WORSE!”
“The Orc’s they’re breaking in the house, they’re coming
for me!!”
They looked at each other in horror!!!


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