When Orc’s Attack – Chapter 11

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Sakira had to run to keep up with the long strides of the large Orc who towered over her. His firm grip on her right arm was beginning to cause her hand and fingers to ache. The fall chill in the air didn’t stop beads of sweat from running down her brow as they dodged and ducked low hanging branches from the huge trees enveloping them from all sides.
The brisk wind and branches grabbed and played with the elastic band that held her hair until it loosened enough to slip out, leaving her long blond hair to blow freely in the air blocking her vision and quickly becoming a nuisance. As she reached up to catch the wild strands with her free hand left hand it was hit by the barrage of sharp wooden obstacles causing numerous scratches and scrapes on it. Along with the occasional branch that would reach down and “kiss” her on the cheek leaving small burning scrapes in their midst.
The leaf covered ground also made it hard to keep her footing as she was pulled haphazardly around the bare limbed trees, she found herself sliding on them and falling, then being dragged for several steps over hidden rocks and sticks which cut her legs. This seemed to amuse the Orc who would look down at her struggling to regain her footing and snicker evily then after a few minutes deciding she had had enough and he would pull her to her feet.
With every step Sakira could feel her warm blood trickling down her legs, she tried to peer down at them but each time she attempted to she would stumble, so she resigned herself to wait until they got to their destination wherever that was.
“IS THAT BLOOD I SMEELLL?” the Orc would asked with a demonic smile as he peered down at her scaped and burning legs. His mind seemed to be consumed with the thought of her injured flesh, he acted like he was getting some sort of sick injoyment from it.
The more he glanced at her legs the more uneasy she was becoming, she almost wished she could read his mind but knew his thought would sicken her. Was he thinking of attacking her she wondered, what would she do if he did, how would she defend herself?
Many scenarios of very unpleasant situations ran through her mind as her eyes scanned her capturer through her strands of fallen and tangled hair. He was at least three times as tall as she and weighed much more how could she even think of defending herself. Any form of defense that she knew probably wouldn’t do much good against him, no she needed a weapon of some sort like maybe a sharp stick or branch that she could use as a makeshift knife. As they ran she scanned the ground, seeing many laying around she tried to reach for one but the Orc’s grip on her wouldn’t let her reach down far enough to get it. She was afraid to keep trying because when she did it seemed to attract the Orc’s attention by pulling on his arm. Then she noticed the knife and the whip the Orc had sticking out of his belt, she wondered if she could get the knife free without him noticing…but how?
He had a strong hold on her right arm with his left hand which was partially blocking the knife so she would have to get it by reaching across her body with her left hand while trying to keep up the same pace.
“If I’m going to do this it has to be quickly and smoothly so he wont notice” Sakira told herself in not much more than a whisper to get her courage up, as she looked up at his face which seemed to her for the moment to be concentrated on the path ahead.
She let out a breath as she brought her left hand slowly across her body toward the knife when the Orc’s grip on her arm suddenly became tighter as he violently jerked her body to the right to go around some trees, in doing so she stumbled for a couple of steps then regained her footing as they returned to a straight path. Sakira had to take a couple of minutes to stop her heart from racing after the abrupt change in direction, she then looked ahead of them and her heart sank a little the forest was become denser and darker.
“Wait maybe this will work to my advantage he will have to slow down and that will give me the chance I need to get his knife” Sakira told herself trying to make the situation sound better than what it was.
As the trees became closer together the very tall Orc was forced to slow his steps and speed significantly, making him very annoyed.
“THIS IS TAKING TOO LONG AND MY PATIENCE IS GROWING THIN…FASTER WOMAN!” he growled as he tightened his grasp on her and pulled hard making her wince in pain, she was afraid he was going to pull her arm off. But she didn’t see how they could go any faster the branches were constantly hitting them now, they were like ants at a picnic and the Orc was like a hungry bear looking for food at a campout.
She could see and feel his growing anger and this was her chance to try once more for the knife. She took a minute to push her hair back behind her ear for the millionth time, then readying herself mentally by telling herself she could do this she began to reach for the knife again. As her fingers crept closer all the distractions around her seemed to disappear like the burning of her legs, the sweat on her forehead, the growing ache in the arm he gripped ever tighter. Her fingers were inches away from the prize when all of a sudden she was struck hard by a branch scratching her from her nose to her ear. The suddeness of it hitting her when all her focus was on getting the knife took her breath away for a minute.
“OOPS SOO SORRRY DEAR FOR YOUR PAIN” the Orc whined sarcastically gazing down at her painstricken face, “BUT THERE WILL BE MORE TO COME!”, he then watched her for a minute with a pleased look on his face as she wiped the blood with the back of her hand, despair was starting to creep into her heart.
Tears started coming to her eyes and falling down her welted cheeks making the scratches on them burn like fire, alone with an Orc in the forest is this how its going to end Sakira asked herself. She glanced behind her to see if Legolas was anywhere in sight, she never saw him and didn’t really expect to because she knew he could be undetectable if he so desired. She desperately wanted to see his smiling face, where was he she thought to herself, when is he coming for me…..


“Have you been taught to use a bow and arrow?” Aragorn asked Locira as they bent over the pile of weapons that were left scattered on the kitchen floor and were hurriedly going through them. She bit her lip in doubt and looked up at him, “I’m sorry that was Sakira’s specialty remember, I think I would do better with a sword” she answered hastily as she withdrew one then stood up to test its weight.
“Legolas take these arrows…” Aragorn said to Legolas as he held them up to him. When Legolas didn’t respond Aragorn looked up to see him staring off into space with a look of sadness and desperation in his eyes.
In Legolas’s mind he was back at the moment when the Orc had Sakira’s chin in his hand and was squeezing it, he looked ot her face and saw she had her eyes closed and was trembling. Unknown to Legolas as he relived the awful moment his face was showing his feelings of anger while his hand that was lowered to his side was turning red from being drawn into a tightly clinched fist.
Aragorn had seen this look before but never on Legolas, he rose slowly and stood beside the tall elf and laid his strong hand on his sunken shoulder.
“Legolas…Legolas!” Aragorn yelled at him as he shook his body causing him to jump and come out of his thoughts. Locira stopped what she was doing and looked at them alarmed by the tone of Aragorn’s voice.
“Don’t despair my friend we are going to get her back!” Aragorn said commandingly as he squeezed his shoulder. Legolas could read the understanding look in the rangers eyes, and he knew he couldn’t hide his feelings from his companion.
Legolas responded back to Aragorn in Elvish, the beauty of the language immediately captured Locira’s attention but she continued twisting her knife around in the air pretending not to listen. She would catch a word every now and then like their names and when Aragorn mentioned Rivendell and Arwen. As she listened and watched the elf and the ranger, their close friendship became more apparent as worry temporarily disappeared from their faces and warm smiles took over their lips.
“I know but watching her being taken off like that…she put herself in danger for us and her sister” Legolas said returning to the english language. “I’ve never seen a women human or elf do something so selfless…I…I think I love her Aragorn” Legolas confessed.
Hearing his heart felt words Locira smiled inwardly her heart fluttering as if he had confessed his love for her, as a feeling of joy for her sister swept over her, she wished Sakira had been here to hear those words with her own ears.
“I know, I saw it in your eyes…you’ve been captured the same as I was from the second I saw Arwen” Aragorn admitted then paused as his heart was suddenly wisked away fo reunite with her.
And these two were supposed to be the toughest ranger and elf in all Middle Earth Locira thought shaking her head as she continued to watch them unnoticed, she was really beginning to see what they both were all about. She could see through their tough exterior’s down to who they really were, two very handsome guys who could kick butt one minute and show their sensitive sides the next, which made them both even more irresistable. Now Locira realized why Eowyn had fallen so hard and fast for Aragorn, in the little time they had spent together she had seen the inner beauty of him as well as the outer, Locira smiled outwardly as she thought how lucky her sister and Arwen were to be loved by someone like them. She was even starting to agree with Sakira in wishing that they could stick around Middle Earth, that way Sakira and Legolas could be together and maybe she herself could find the man of her dreams who would treat her like queen…well maybe not a queen because Aragorn was obviously taken but…”Wait a minute what am I thinking, this is still a crazy dream that we are just caught up in and soon it will lose its grip on us and we can go home and this will only be a faded memory” Locira told herself as she shook her head and mumbled loudly disbelieving how she had let her imagination get away from her reality.
“Uh Locira…are you okay?” Aragorn asked in wonder as he gently touched her arm, they had seen her shaking her head and mumbling to herself fiercely, they couldn’t understand her words but her tone worried them. She looked at them embarrassed for a minute praying that they hadn’t understood her and glad they couldn’t read her mind.
“I’m fine” she finally told them, “NOW LETS GO GET MY SISTER BACK!” she exclaimed raising her sword in defiance. Aragorn and Legolas smiled at her commanding energy then Aragorn held up his sword, Legolas raised his bow and they all met them in the air as if they were combining their strength for the battle to come.


The two Orc’s that the head Orc had sent ahead to meet the others along with the one that was told he would be held responsible if any of the woman had escaped finally reached the camp. As they entered it they were not surprised to see the two Orc’s still engaged in battle. The two were in wide stances circling each other slowly while holding their knives out ready to strike. One of the Orc’s was holing his belly with his free hand as blood seeped out of a large wound around it.
“COME TO MY KNIFE MY BLADE BECKONS YOUR FLESH UPON IT!” the Orc that was hurt called to the other.
“MINE HAS HAD A TASTE OF YOUR BLOOD ALREADY AND IT CRAVES MORE!” the other Orc taunted moving closer, he could see that his opponent was in pain and was already weakening.
“YEAH…FINISH HIM OFF!” one of the Orc’s that was watching yelled excitedly along with the others.
“ARE THEY GOING TO KILL EACH OTHER?” one of the children cried out in fear, his mother turned his head and held it to her chest and clung to him.
The other kids were sobing in desperation, fear taking them over, they had never seen anything so ghastly in their young lives. The women looked at each other sorrowfully trying to keep the children calm, but they didn’t know how except to hold them tightly and try to shield them from the grim display.
The Orc that had been put in charge to make sure the women and children were still there walked over and stood before them unaffected by their hysteria.
The Orc glanced at the tear stained faces of the kids then bent down to the woman, “SHUT UP OR THESE CHILDREN WILL HAVE MORE TO CRY ABOUT WHEN YOU ARE GONE!”he warned her through gritted teeth as he took a hold of her neck tightly. Dalia cringed from his grip but tried not to show how much pain she was really in.
“NO PLEASE LET HER GO!” Arissa begged the Orc, seeing her friend in pain and not thinking straight she placed her hand on the Orc’s arm.
He smiled and looked down at her hand then back at her face, she then realized what she had done and quickly drew away and sat back as still as she could beside Dalia with her eyes down. The Orc let go of Dalia and just stood there his eyes transfixed on Arisa as if fascinated with her. Arisa could feel his deathly eyes staring at her, weighing her down like a scared animal that was afraid of losing its life. Then the Orc did something she prayed wouldn’t happen, he stepped toward her and bent down in her face breathing heavily, she started to tremble and fear for her life knowing well that she couldnt do much to stop whatever he was thinking of doing.
He reached for her hair and gripped it tightly as a loud cheer exploded from the onlookers of the fight, he let go of her and turned to look.
The Orc that had given the other a large wound in his belly was now bleeding profusely from a huge gash in his face that ran down to his neck, he raised his hand to the deep laceration and smeared the blood around his face then tasted it.
“IS THAT ALL YOU’VE GOT?!” he laughed and taunted.
The onlooking Orc’s laughed hysterically at his question and jeered the combatants on even more, finally the one that had given him the deep cut to his face had had enough, he turned his knife over in his hand and held it by the blade then eyed his opponent with a murderous look. He then let out a loud deep roar then before the other Orc could react he threw his knife sending it flying end over end landing it deep in his opponents forehead sending him reeling backwards into a tree which he slid down then lay motionless on the ground at the base of it.
The Orc that was standing over them ran over to the still Orc and pronounced him dead, as the others rushed and congratulated the winner.
Two of the women in the group were sickened by the sight of all the blood and gore and turned around to throw up, as the children around them sat with their eyes tightly pinched shut and their hands covering their ears, hoping this way to escape the sounds of the deadly scene.
Admist the joyous screams of the Orcs Dalia could hear Arisa quietly sobbing beside her, she turned to her and took her hand.
“We are going to get through this together” she said confidently.
“I wish I was as certain” Arisa mumbled then glanced down at the children who’s tear stained faces saddened her heart.
“I hope we do for their sakes”


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