When Orc’s Attack – Chapter 10

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The three Orc’s were lumbering toward the house holding their torches high in the air like flags representing their country. As they made their way gusts of wind caught the fire and blew sparks of it into the air. The Orc’s were yelling and chanting loudly what seemed to be a fight song in the Orc tongue, neither Aragorn or Legolas could understand the words but just the dark eerie sound of them sent cold shivers through their bodies.
As they got closer they became louder and Aragorn and Legolas tensed in preparation of what was about to happen, as they stood with their backs against the wall.
“At least we have the element of surprise on our side, remember they don’t know were here” Aragorn said clasping his sword that he held in front of himself tighter. Legolas nodded in agreement, then he raised his bow and arrow to chest level holding it with rock steady hands.
Aragorn and Legolas could hear the sound of the Orc’s massive feet rustling through the grass as they neared the house, then suddenly they stopped a few feet in front of the structure. They raised their torches up and down in rhythm preparing to set the house ablaze when Aragorn, being the closest to the window tentatively peeked out and saw them, then ducked back beside Legolas.
“We need to take them down now” Aragorn leaned toward Legolas and whispered, he nodded pulling his arrow back further putting more tension on his already tight bow string.
“Lets do this on three” Aragorn instructed as he took a step away from the wall and widened his stance, “One…two…”

Hearing the Orc’s noisily approaching from inside the kitchen Sakira pushed open the door slightly and peeked out. She could see Aragorn and Legolas just outside the door standing against the wall. She then closed the door and looked at Locira, biting her lip as she glanced down at the arrows that Locira had tucked into her belt. Sakira knew Locira would disagree with what she was about to do but she didn’t care, she was head strong and was known for taking matters into her own hands.
Sakira then determindley headed to the pile of weapons that were still on the floor on the other side of the room. She pulled from the pile a wooden bow causing a small landslide of metal then walked back over to her sister side. She then withdrew a couple of arrows from Locira’s belt so quickly that her sister didn’t have time to protest.
“Sakira…what are you going to do?” Locira asked worriedly as she looked from Sakira’s straight face to her bow. She knew how stubborn and impulsive her sister could be and was afraid she was getting caught up in the moment.
“Whats it look like I’m going to do?” Sakira looked up from her bow and asked. There was no mistaking the fire and determination in her eyes as she turned and started for the kitchen door.
“It looks like your going to do something stupid!” Locira said as she followed Sakira to the door and laid her hand on her shoulder just as she was pushing it open. Sakira turned to look at Locira’s concerned expression, then they heard Aragorn’s rugged voice counting down and they both looked out the door at him.
“It looks like their attacking now!” Locira said as she and her sister watched them move towards the door to the outside.
“YOU’RE NOT GOING WITHOUT ME!” Sakira yelled as she turned quickly breaking free from her sisters grip on her shoulder, then forcefully pushed the door open the rest of the way and ran through.
“NO SAKIRA come back here!” Locira frantically yelled as Sakira ran out the door her bow held high ready to fire. Legolas and Aragorn heard the scream and quickly truned around toward it only to see Sakira coming at them fast. Thanks to Legolas’s quick reflexes he caught Sakira around the waist with one han and covered her mouth with the other as he pulled her back against him holding her firmly in his strong arms. The jolt of him stopping her made her drop the bow and arrow, they fell at her feet.

“WHAT WAS THAT?” one of the Orc’s bellowed as he motioned for the others to stop, he had heard Sakira’s yelling. They lowered their torches listening intently for the voice again.
“THAT SOUNDED LIKE A WOMANS VOICE!” another Orc concluded as he looked at the others.
“COME OUT HERE…WE WONT HURT YOU…MUCH!” the last Orc taunted while the the other two snickered.

“Why didn’t you stay where you were and be quiet, now they know someone is in here?” Aragorn quietly scolded Sakira. Sakira, not particularly happy with the way Aragorn talked to her, grabbed Legolas’s hand firmly and pulled it from her mouth.
“Hey I was only trying to help, did you expect me to stay in there and do nothing?” she yelled under her breath stepping toward Aragorn as tears of anger and regret at what she had done came to her eyes.
“Yes I did, look I know what you were trying to do but this wasnt the time…” Aragorn whispered loudly in a frustrated tone. He usually kept his composer especially in moments like this, but Sakira irritated him to no end.
“Aragorn…let me” Legolas turned Sakira to him wiping the tear from her eyes then said, “Sakira we can see that your more than able to take care of yourself but we hadn’t planned on your help then, you took us by surprise thats why were upset. We asked you to stay put for your safety.”
Sakira glanced down and thought about what Legolas had said, then turned to Aragorn and looked up into his eyes.
She could see and feel the sorrow in them as he looked back at her, she felt like she needed to apologize.
“Aragorn I didn’t mean to…” Sakira started.
Aragorn took a step toward her and rested his hand on her cheek smiling sweetly at her. His eyes were speaking for him that he accepted her apology without having to say a word.
Locira peeked out the door and witnessed the exchange between Aragorn and her sister, Locira was glad they had stopped her but she was still angry at Sakira. Locira exited the kitchen and joined Sakira resisting the immense temptation to shake some sense into her, she gave her a long hug instead. She then smiled at Aragorn and Legolas in thanks. They were interrupted by the loud gruff voice of an Orc.

“IT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE SHE’S GOING TO COME OUT SIR” one of the smaller Orc’s said.
“WELL IT SEEMS LIKE YOU’LL JUST HAVE TO GO IN AND FIND HER!” the leader Orc bellowed sternly at him as he took out his whip and cracked it against the ground. Inside the four of them heard the sudden pop of leather as it came in contact with the ground, causing Sakira and Locira to practically jump out of their skin.
“WHY DON’T WE DO THIS THE EASY WAY AND SMOKE HER OUT!” the Orc suggested laughing evily, waving his torch around.

As Aragorn and Legolas whispered together trying to figure out what to do, Sakira’s mind was racing as she stepped away from the others to think. She said to herself Aragorn and Legolas could have taken the Orc’s by surprise if not for my big mouth and stupid decision, why can’t I listen to people…Wait a minute they only heard my voice so the Orc’s must think I’m the only one in here, maybe I could…
Sakira then looked over at her sisters face, her eyes had a frightened look as she listend to Aragorn and Legolas. Sakira then looked away when Locira’s gaze met hers, she was afraid that she could read her mind somehow. Sakira was actually surprised that Locira hadn’t lectured her too about what she had done, after all it was a crazy thing to have done.
Sakira’s eyes then raced past her to rest on Legolas’s handsome face, her stomach flip-flopped as she remembered the kiss they had shared not so long ago. She wanted this nightmare to be over, yet she knew it would mean she would never see him again. Aragorn’s low husky voice then drew her attention and she saw his concerned expression, in that moment she had made up her mind what she was going to do.
She took in a breath and exhaled getting her nerve up then unexpectantly bolted around Locira, Legolas, and Aragorn. Legolas saw her form pass him out of the corner of his eye, he reached out for her but she scooted by him, the next thing she knew she was standing outside in front of the three Orc’s.
“YOU DONT HAVE TO SET THE HOUSE ON FIRE, HERE I AM!” Sakira yelled holding her hands in the air and trying not to let her voice tremble. Legolas, Locira, and Aragorn stood stunned disbelieving what Sakira had just done.

“THE GIRL DECIDED ON THE EASY WAY, SHES SMARTER THAN WE THOUGHT!” the Orc’s quipped stepping toward her while looking her up and down and sneering. Sakira suddenly felt sick to her stomach as the enemy came closer and stopped a few steps in front of her. She could see the dirt and sweat on them and had to look away disgusted.

“IS ANYONE ELSE IN THERE?” the head Orc asked as he stepped around Sakira then toward the house flicking his whip as he went.
“No…I’m alone” Sakira said in a quivering voice, at the same time telling herself to try and stay calm.
“You’d better NOT be lying” one of the other Orc’s sneered at Sakira as he stepped in front of her and ran his torch back and forth in front of her face.
“BACK OFF!” the Orc with the whip yelled as he cracked it against the ground and pushed the smaller Orc aside. “I don’t think this pretty young girl would deceive us…would you?” he asked Sakira in a patronizing tone as he took a hold of her chin and squeezed it. Sakira tried to look at the Orc defiantly but his hand on her was almost more than she could bear. She had to close her eyes and picture Legolas in front of her in order to remain calm.

Aragorn and Locira were peering out the broken window and had witnessed this, Locira’s whole body was shaking uncontrollaby. Legolas saw it too and was seething with anger at the sight of an Orc touching the woman he loved, and right now he couldn’t do a thing about it.
“Oh my god, they are going to hurt her!” Locira mumbled loudly as they ducked back inside, Locira had grabbed Aragorn’s shirt sleeve and was holding it tightly. She then let go and slid herself slowly down the wall kneeling against it, Aragorn knelt in front of her taking her trembling hands then said.
“It’s going to be okay we will see to that…trust me!” he told her as he pushed her hair back and lifted her chin up to meet her eyes. She then looked to Legolas who winked and nodded at her telling her to be strong. Then they heard..

“NO…please wait!” they heard Sakira plead, Aragorn rose to his feet and peeked out the window and saw her trying to stop them from setting the house on fire. Just then one of the Orc’s that had lead the other women off including Dalia burst through the trees and ran up to the leader.

“WHO’S WATCHING THE WOMEN?” the head Orc asked angrily.
“I WAS BUT…” the head Orc becoming livid snapped his whip toward the Orc wrapping the end of it around his leg and yanking him hard to the ground.
“GET BACK THERE NOW AND TELL THEM THEIR GOING TO BE DEAD IF THEY HAVEN’T KILLED EACH OTHER ALREADY, AND IF ANY OF THE WOMEN OR CHILDREN ARE MISSING I’M HOLDING YOU RESPONSIBLE!” the head Orc bellowed pointing at the Orc he had knocked to the ground while watching him cower in fright.
The scared Orc then rose as quickly as he could to his feet, stirring up dirt around him, then dashed off back into the trees.
“FOLLOW HIM…NOW!” the head Orc ordered the other two Orc’s who had previously been with him as he rolled up his whip and stuck it in his belt.
“WHAT ABOUT THE GIRL?” one of them asked before leaving.
“I’LL TAKE CARE OF HER, NOW GO!” the head Orc said as he put his large dirty hand firmly around her arm and squeezed it. They could see his eyes by this time glowing red and knew better than to argue or disobey him, so they both turned and ran quickly toward the trees and disappeared into them.
Sakira didn’t know what to do, she knew she couldn’t get away and they were going to take her with them. She glanced back at the house in hopes of seeing Legolas’s face and reassuring eyes. But the Orc was already pulling her away with a death grip on her arm, all she could do was pray that she would see Legolas, Aragorn, and Locira again.


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