Welcome to America Leggy! – Chapter 1

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“Welcome to America, Leggy!” Chapter 1
Legolas looked around the strange dwelling where he now stood. He pulled an arrow from his quiver, and readied it in his bow. He looked around, hearing a strange sound, with a strange beat, but not seeing where it was coming from. He looked around this odd place, wondering who…or what… dwelled here.

Suddenly he heard footsteps coming near, as he prepared to fire. Two young women ran into the room, and both gasped at what they saw. “Wh…Who are you?” The one with deep brown hair asked, as the red streaked blonde hair just stood there, gawping at him.

“K…K…Kerri. T…That’s….You know who that is?” She stuttered, just as the other girl noticed his resemblance to Orlando Bloom. “Oh my God!” The brunette exclaimed.

“Where am I?” Legolas demanded, not lowering his bow. He slowly walked towards them, as their hands shot up and their eyes widened.

“Y…You’re in Ohio.” The blonde uttered, trying to re-compose herself. She shook her head and thought `This can’t be happening!’

“Where?” He asked again.

“She said you’re in Ohio. You know… the United States.” The brunette said again.

“No Kerri, he doesn’t know. If he really is… you know… HIM!” The blonde uttered again. “But he can’t be the real… you know! This has got to be some kind of a joke!”

“Okay Cait, how do you explain him then?” The other asked, lowering her hand to her hips and turning to her best friend, smirking a bit.

She took in a deep breath and sized up the `elf’ standing in front of them. She brushed her hand threw her hair in exasperation. “I have no idea, but…” She trailed off. She looked to Kerri, then back to `Legolas,’ and stuck her hand out and said “Legolas I presume? I’m Cait, and this is Kerri.” She said motioning toward Kerri, who now looked very pale.

Legolas looked questioningly at her for a moment, before slowly lowering his bow, and replacing the arrow back into the quiver tried to his back. He stood still for a moment, before Cait said “Don’t worry, we don’t bite. Well, I don’t.” She said, looking over at Kerri, who rolled her eyes.

“How do you know my name?” Legolas said quietly, not knowing what to make of this new place, or these new people.

“Oh… um…” Kerri said, as she looked over to Cait. “Well… we…um… you see…” She started again, but was cut off by Cait.

“It’s a long story Leggy, com’on and we’ll explain.” Legolas raised an eyebrow at her, and when he didn’t follow, she took his hand and pulled him into the living room. He looked around; he had never seen furniture like this, much less grab like what the ladies were wearing.

Kerri wore strange blue color pants, and a small shirt, that barely covered her stomach, and showed her arms. Cait wore a small pink skirt, that cam up far to short than anything Legolas had ever seen women wear, and a shirt like Kerri’s. Women where he had come from wouldn’t dare wear things so reveling in public, but from what Legolas could tell, these were no ordinary women, and he was no longer in Middle Earth.

Cait sat down on a large couch, pulling Legolas gently down next to her. Kerri threw herself down into a recliner and buried her pale face in her hands. “Kerri, throw me that newspaper will ya?” Cait pointed to a pile of paper on a small table next to the recliner Kerri sat in.

“Yea.” She said simply, as she leaned forward and tossed the paper to Cait, who opened it and pulled out a section called “Encore!” and threw the rest back to Kerri. She opened it up, read for a moment, and then showed the paper to Legolas.

“See Legolas. We know everything about your journey with the Fellowship,” When she said this, his eyes grew wide. “Don’t worry, we don’t work for Saruman or anything, but here in America, where we live, you and the Fellowship, the quest to destroy the One Ring, your travel to Rivendell, going threw Moria, Lorithien, and all that, are just a movie and a book… fiction.” She said, knowing how hard this would be for Legolas to understand, especially because she just told him he was fictional.

He silently read the article then after a moment, he said quietly “So this `Lord of the Rings’ is our story?” She nodded to him, not knowing how he would take the news. He just shook his head and asked “How did I get here, and how do I get home?”

“I don’t know how you got here, or how to get you home… yet, but we’ll figure it out.” She nodded to Kerri, how looked up, show her extreme exhaustion in her eyes, until they heard a car door slam. “Uh-oh!” Cait almost whispered, before she turned to Kerri and said frantically “What do we do?”

“I don’t know… you’ll have to tell them sometime…” She said, looking outside the window to see her mom Anne, her older brother Josh and her little sisters Cara Jade, or just C.J, and four year old Cheyenne coming up the pathway from the driveway, to the front door.

“I’ll have to tell them sometime?” Cait asked, standing up, as Kerri headed to the door.

“Sorry Cait… let me know how they take it!” She said as she opened the door and walked out.

“Some best friend!” Cait said sarcastically, as she turned to Legolas, just as the door opened and her family stepped in.


“Hi Cait, how are… who’s your friend?” Her mother asked as she stepped through the door, followed quickly by Josh and C.J, then little Cheyenne.

“Oh my God!” C.J exclaimed, as she saw his face.

“You know who he looks like?” Josh started to say.

“Y…Your Legolas!” C.J, who was only nine years old, exclaimed as she walked up to him.

“Don’t be silly Cara; Legolas isn’t a real person, right Cait?” Josh finished his thought, and was met by Cait biting her lip, and looking to the ground, where she shuffled her feet. “Right Cait?” Josh started again. “Cait?”

“Erm… Not… not exactly Josh…” She said quietly.

“What do you mean, not exactly?” Josh asked, raising an eyebrow past his sister, to the blonde `elf.’

“Well Josh. This is Legolas.” Cait said quietly, finally getting the guts to step up to her brother and mom for the fight she knew was coming. They just laughed, until she said “I’m serious.” They stopped laughing really quickly.

“Your not serious Cait, you know that’s not possible.” Josh retorted.

“Yes, I am Josh.” Cait said a little louder, as Legolas just looked down at her.

“Yea right Cait. Stop joking! It’s not funny anymore, just tell your `Leggy look-a-like’ to go home.” Josh snapped, getting perfervid at his sister.

“Stop it Josh! I’m drop-dead-serious!” Cait said so loudly, she almost screamed. When her Anne walked back over to her from putting their coats away, she asked “Who are you, and what are you doing in my living room?”

“Ma…” Cait started, but was cut off by Legolas speaking.

“I am Legolas, son of Thranduil of Mirkwood.” He spoke softly, which made C.J gawk up at him even more than she already was. Cait heard Josh utter `Yea right’ under his breath, as Legolas knelt down on one knee to introduce himself to the girls. Anne looked at Cait, eyes wide with questions and surprise, she looked down at Legolas.

“Hello there.” Legolas said softly to Chey, as he took her hand and held it. “What’s your name?”

“Chey… Cheyenne.” The child replied softly, smiling up at him with light green eyes.

“Cheyenne, that’s a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl.” He said as he let go of her hand and looked over at the other girl, who stood next to Cheyenne. “Hello, I’m Legolas.” He said softly again, as he took her hand and smiled. “What’s your name?”

“Ca… Cara J…Jade. Just C.J.” She stuttered, before looking up at Cait.

“Tis wonderful to have met you Cara Jade.” He patted her hand as he stood up.

“Josh.” He growled, sizing up Legolas. Legolas just nodded, and smiled then turned back to Cait, who said “I do not believe we have been properly introduced, though you seem to know my name, I have yet to learn yours.” Legolas took her hand, and brushed it against his lips.

“I’m Cait.” She said, looking into his amazing ice blue eyes.

“Tis a pleasure Cait.” He said gently.

~Well, this is my newest submission! If ya’ll like it, and I get some positive replies, I might just continue this one!
God Bless!~


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