Watchers of the Stars by the Sea – Part 11

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“No wonder the Falathrim are amazed at your skill! Even I am amazed; I did not expect your skill to be this great. I do not need to teach you how to master the bow and arrow for you have mastered them on your own. You are certainly my sister’s daughter, Tiriel!” said Beleg with a smile on his face.

“May I tell the others about her skill?”

“Of course you may Finnel and tell the children of Finarfin that she will not be going with them to Nargothrond.”

“I am presuming I did well?”

“You did a wonderful job. This was only a test of your skill so I could begin to figure out what I need to teach you. Come, we must return to the caves so we will not be late for dinner. Will you join the hunters at the table?”

“I would be more than happy to.”

Tiriel and Beleg talked happily as they walked. Tiriel changed into a beautiful sea blue dress with light purple trim and put on her mother’s jewelry. She walked into the Great Hall and walked over to Beleg who was speaking with Galadriel.
“Greetings again, Tiriel. I hear you did well on the field.”

“Greetings Galadriel. Yes, I did well.”

“Excuse us Galadriel; I would like to introduce Tiriel to the others.”

“Of course, Beleg, Tiriel.”

“Why did we leave?”

“Celeborn was coming and it is best to leave the two of them alone. Besides, they will be joining us at the table. Ah, here are Finnel and Maren.”

Beleg and Tiriel walked toward Finnel and Maren. Maren was tall with brown eyes and hair, but Finnel was as tall as Maren except he has silver hair and hazel eyes.

“Hello again, Tiriel! This is my wife, Maren,” said Finnel with a smile on his face.

“Hello, Tiriel. Galadriel has told me much of you. You look like Cotume, especially in that dress and wearing Eärelen. Finnel has done nothing except speak of your archery skills, but he has said nothing about your other skills. Do you know how to weave and carve?”

“I have helped weave the sails for ships and some of the fine woodwork on the ships. I sew my own clothes, but my skills are not the greatest!” said Tiriel as she laughed remembering the past.

“I will be more than happy to help you! Your mother taught me how to weave and carve; I’m sure you saw her work hanging up on the walls.”

Tiriel and Maren talked as they walked to the tables. There was a group of Elves standing at one of the tables, staring at Tiriel.

“Those are the other members of the company. They will ask you many questions, but they will respect and care for you unlike the knights of Nargothrond who may ignore you now that you have proven your skills,” said Beleg as they approached the company.

“Greetings, Tiriel! Welcome to Doriath. We are the company known as the hunters because we enjoy the hunt and defend Doriath,” said a tall, blonde, blue-eyed Elf, “I am Berion.”

“Thank you for your kind words, Berion.”

“Let us sit down-Thingol, Melian and Luthien are approaching the hall,” said Beleg as he pulled out a chair for Tiriel.

Tiriel sat next to Beleg and across from Finnel and Maren. She was asked so many questions that she hardly had time to eat. Galadriel, her brothers and Celeborn were sitting at the other end of the table near Thingol, Melian and Luthien. There was one question that was closest to her heart that she could no longer keep to herself.

“Why was I told not to mention my birth father?”

“He participated in both Kinslayings, which is the main reason why he is not mentioned. He was originally of the House of Feanor, but he switched his allegiance to Finrod. You have the intelligence to figure the rest out for yourself,” said Finnel with a sad look in his eyes.

She now understood why her father was rarely mentioned and was glad to finally know the reason.

“Thank you for answering my question, Finnel.”

“Your welcome, m’lady.”

Tiriel decided that she would remain in Doriath for many years, even though she greatly missed the Havens. She realized she had just found her truest friends and home and wondered what the coming years would bring. Most of all she wondered what her father would say about what just happened. After she returned to the cave from dinner, she wrote Cirdan a letter telling him what had happened. The letter left with the sons of Finarfin.


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