Watcher of the Stars by the Sea – Part 8

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“Why did you hope that we would speak about your future?” asked Angrod

“I want to leave Brithombar and see the places I have heard of my entire life, especially Doriath and I would like your advice,” said Tiriel.

“I am not surprised that you want to see Doriath. It was your mother’s favorite place in all Middle-earth. Your father did not care for any particular realm; his heart yearned for what he left behind over the Sea” said Aegnor.

“We all miss what we left behind, especially close family and friends,” said Finrod.

“You love someone who remained behind?” asked a curious Tiriel

“We all left loved ones behind and the only way we will see them again in person is in the Halls of Mandos,” said Angrod before Finrod could say anything.

“We can never forget the past, for in a way it guides the future and you must decide whether or not you will leave Brithombar. We are going to Doriath before we return to Nargothrond,” said Aegnor.

“How long will you stay here before you leave?” asked Tiriel

“We will remain here for two months at the most and stay in Doriath for another three months,” said Finrod.

“I will leave Brithombar with you, if I will not be a burden to you,” said a calm and confident Tiriel.

“You can never be a burden to us, Tiriel. Let me tell you about Nargothrond and Doriath” said an excited Aegnor.

Tiriel listened attentively as Aegnor told her about Nargothrond and Doriath just as he had told her about Valinor so many years ago. To her surprise, Angrod and Finrod did not interject any comments into Aegnor’s storytelling. Tiriel enjoyed the time she spent with the brethren before Cirdan returned, yet she was nervous about leaving Brithombar. One afternoon she was sitting on the steps (the same steps where she spoke to Osse) thinking about her future and concerns about leaving when Aegnor came up to her.

“Are you thinking about your fears and concerns?”

“Yes, I am. I am afraid of what I might encounter when I leave, but I do not want to live in fear.”

“I felt the same way when I left Valinor. I did not want to leave the place in which I was raised, but I wanted to see the other places of Middle-earth besides Valinor and Tol Eresseä. Once I left, I felt such a great relief that I had the courage to leave even though I had left in the company of one who was bent upon destroying the Enemy.”

“Do you think you will ever see your family again?”

“Perhaps when my soul enters the Halls of Mandos; I fear I will not live to see the day when the Enemy is defeated and Valinor is once more revealed to the rest of the world.”

Tiriel and Aegnor spent the afternoon talking before they entered the Great Hall for dinner. After dinner, to Tiriel’s surprise, Finrod got his harp and began to sing the song of Elbereth. Everyone in the Hall joined in the singing. Two days later Cirdan returned to Brithombar. Tiriel and the brethren were in the study when he arrived.

“Mae Govannen, Finrod, Angrod, Aegnor. It is wonderful to see you again. I hope Tiriel has been a good hostess,” said Cirdan.

“She has been an excellent hostess. You did a wonderful job of raising her. It is good to see you again, old friend,” said Finrod as he embraced Cirdan and Aegnor and Angrod nodded their greetings to the Shipwright.

“What have you decided to do, Tiriel?” asked Cirdan as he gave her a hug and kiss.

“I have decided to leave with them and go to Doriath,” said Tiriel.

“I thought you would leave with them. When do you leave?” said Cirdan

“We are planning to leave in about two months and we will go to Doriath, but Tiriel can remain in Doriath or come to Nargothrond with us,” said Finrod.

“Why are you only staying for two months?” asked Cirdan

“So we will arrive in Doriath in time for a meeting with Thingol and Melian,” said Aegnor.

“Is Tiriel going to represent the Havens?” asked Angrod

“She can if Thingol addresses her,” said Finrod.

“I know everything that happens here and I will say what is necessary in the conversation,” said Tiriel.

“You most certainly know everything that happens here because I want you to represent the Havens when you are traveling,” said Cirdan.

“Tiriel can represent the Havens, that is if she is willing,” said Finrod.

“I will be happy to represent the Havens,” said Tiriel with a smile.
Tiriel spent two more months in Brithombar before she left with the sons of Finarfin.


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