Watcher of the Stars by the Sea – Part 7

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Tiriel was in her father’s study reading a book when Cirdan came in with a letter in his hand.

“Who is the letter from, father?”

“It is from Finrod. He has decided to come for a visit. This letter was written a few days ago and he was preparing to leave, so he should be on his way. Tomorrow I must go to Eglarest to help settle a few things.”

“Allow me to guess 00 Lerone is causing more problems by trying to help Tirinvo. Does Finrod know to go to Eglarest so he can meet with you?”

“Yes, Lerone is causing problems; I do not know what to do with him. No, he is not going to Eglarest and he should arrive here in three days. I want you to ride into the woods and meet Finrod when a messenger arrives to inform you of his arrival.”

“Lerone has always caused trouble, especially since I refused him. I will be happy to meet the company. Do you know if Aegnor will be with him?”

“He did not say which of his brothers are coming, but I am sure Orodreth will remain to govern in Finrod’s place.”

“Is Finrod coming to decide my future?”

“I do not know if that is the reason for his visit, but I am sure it will be discussed.”

Cirdan left for Eglarest and Tiriel remained in Brithombar. When Cirdan had been gone for two days, a knight arrived at Brithombar looking for Cirdan.

“Tiriel, there is a knight here who wishes to speak with your father.”

“Thank you, Racino. Please bring him into the study and bring food and drink for him.”

The knight entered the study and Tiriel thought he looked like Aegnor.

“Please sit down and eat. My father is in Eglarest, but he should return in a few days. Did Lord Finrod send a message to my father? I am Tiriel.”

“Yes, Tiriel, I do have a message from my brother. We have made camp on the banks of Nenning and he would like someone to guide the company here. I am Angrod; Aegnor has said much about you.”

“I will come with you, but I must change and gather a few things before we leave.”

“Thank you very much, Tiriel. I will wait here and rest for a few moments.”

Tiriel left the study and changed into a light green riding dress and a grey cloak. She wore her mother’s necklace, as always, and brought a bow and arrow and a sword incase Orcs attacked them. Tiriel and Angrod left Brithombar were halfway to Nenning when Angrod spoke.

“I suggest that you not wear your mother’s necklace outside of your cloak. There are some among the company who would immediately recognize it and therefore your true identity and my brother’s plan will be ruined.”

“You know that I am aware of my birth parents? What is your brother’s plan?”

“We all know about Cotume and Laivindur, that is all of my siblings and myself. I do not know what Finrod’s plan is exactly, but I know that you must decide your future while he is here. Not all of it, but whether or not you will remain in Brithombar.”

“That is what I suspected your visit was about when Father first told me that you were coming. We are approaching Nenning, but we must be on the lookout for hunters from Eglarest.”

“Why must we watch for hunters?”

“Father only told me that you were coming.”

They reached the company without incident and Tiriel was surprised because all of the Elves looked so young yet old and weary of war. One of the riders came forward and dismounted. He removed his hood and spoke, which revealed dark blonde hair and keen blue eyes.

“Greetings, daughter of Cirdan. Are you our guide?” She recognized him as Finrod, ruler of Nargothrond based upon his resemblance to Aegnor.

“Yes, Lord Finrod I am. My Father is in Eglarest and he should return to Brithombar in a few days. He would like you to come to Brithombar and avoid Eglarest.”

“I was planning on avoiding Eglarest anyway.”

Tiriel rode beside Finrod on the road to Brithombar. She was silent until they reached Brithombar.

“Here we are, Lord Finrod. There will be food waiting and rooms ready for the company.” She put her horse in the stable, went to the study, and waited to see what would happen. She had her mother’s necklace on with a light blue dress that perfectly accented the necklace. The door to the study opened and Finrod, Aegnor and Angrod were there.

“May we join you? Dinner in the Great Hall would be quite boring if we could not talk with you in private. Your mother’s necklace looks beautiful on you. You’ve grown up quite a bit in forty-six years,” said Aegnor.

“Thank you, Aegnor. You have not changed. Let me go and tell Vende to send your food in here.”

“You do not have to do that, Tiriel. We already told her to bring four meals in here,” said Finrod.

“Thank you very much, Finrod.”

“Our main reason for coming was to speak about your future; not how you will live but where you will live,” said Finrod.

“I hoped that was the reason for your visit” said Tiriel.


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