Watcher of the Stars by the Sea – Part 6

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After Tiriel and Cirdan had dinner in the study, Tiriel left, went to the pier and sat down on the steps that met the ocean to think about many things, most of all her mother’s necklace. The full moon was high in the sky and the stars were reflecting on the water. She was looking at the necklace with tears in her eyes and a heavy heart.

“Why did my mother leave this in Nargothrond? Why did my father not marry? Why are the children of Finarfin so concerned about my future?” She said softly to no one in particular, knowing that everyone else was in the Great Hall listening and telling stories.

“The children of Finarfin care about everyone else in Middle-earth and help everyone they can with the help of your father, Tiriel” said a voice that seemed to come from the sea.

“Who is it? Why are you here?”

“I am Osse. I am here to talk to you, Tiriel; I have watched you grow up into a beautiful elf-maiden.”

Tiriel did not know what to think-a Maia was actually speaking to her and the Maia was Osse, the Maia she had heard about her entire life. “Did the Valar send you?”

“No one sent me. Your feet are touching the ocean, specifically the Bay of Balar, my favorite ocean of all Arda.”

“Why is the Bay of Balar your favorite ocean?”

Osse laughed before he responded; his laugh sounded like a mixture waves softly hitting the steps and an instrument Tiriel could not identify. “I enjoy watching yourself and your father guard the seas. I am glad he took my advice and remained here, especially since he found you. You have brought more joy to his life than you will ever know.”

“Why do you enjoy watching me? Have I truly changed his life?”

“I enjoy watching you because you are so happy, willing to help and extremely smart. Yes, you have truly changed Cirdan’s life in ways I cannot describe, but I will only say that you have shown him the joys of life. Do not let the revelation of your parents change who you are, but let it help you become a better person and help those who need it. When Cirdan found your parents near Brithon, I saw what happened that day and since then I have watched the havens more often then I had in the past. You are maturing into an excellent woman-you know more than other Elves your age because you are interested in what they have to say, even if is only a story they tell. Why were you so calm when I first spoke?”

“I did not sense a threat, but a powerful being who seemed to be concerned about me. Why did you choose to speak to me?”

“Indeed I am concerned about you, for you are the daughter of Cirdan and not the daughter of Laivindur and Cotume. I chose to speak to you because you seemed lonely and I believed it was time for me to reveal myself to you.”

“I am happy you chose to speak with me and revealed yourself to me. What should I do with Cotume’s necklace?”

“Wear it with great pride and the knowledge that she gave up her life to save you-the greatest gift a mother can give her daughter. Remember to let the revelation affect you positively, not negatively and that the greatest children of the Noldor will always care about you.”

“Thank you so very much, Osse. I enjoyed speaking with you very much.”

“It was not a problem for me to speak with the daughter of Cirdan and I enjoy speaking with you. I will always be here if you need or want to speak with me, Tiriel. Farewell until we meet again.”

After Osse spoke, the water rippled and she heard the same music as when he laughed. Tiriel stood up and noticed the reflection of the stars and moon grow brighter. She realized that night that she was important not only to her father, but to others who would always be there to help her as she would help them. Before she left the pier, she put on Cotume’s necklace and decided to take Osse’s advice-to let the revelation of her parents affect her positively. She left the pier with a light heart and a fire in her eyes that would never be extinguished. She decided to remain in Brithombar until the time was right for her to leave and did all she could to help Elves who were in danger. Her life did not change until one fall day in 236.


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