Watcher of the Stars by the Sea – Part 4

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“Do you have to leave, Aegnor?”

“Yes, Tiriel, I must leave. I have neglected my duties at Nargothrond for too long. I will miss you very much and I promise that I will see you again when you are older.”

“We will look forward to seeing you then, Aegnor, but do not take too many years to return.”

“I will try to return soon, Cirdan.”

“When are you leaving?”

“In five days, Tiriel.”

“Five days?!!!! Then you will be leaving on my birthday? Aegnor, are you sure that you cannot stay for six more days?”

“Your father said the same thing, but I cannot stay any longer, no matter how much I want to stay. How old will you be?”

“I will be thirteen.”

“Before I leave I will give you a present.”

“Aegnor, you do not have to do that.”

“Cirdan, I want to give her something.”

“Father, can I go and with Lere and Lerone to the pier?”

“Of course, just be careful!”

“She seems upset that I am leaving.”

“Both of us will miss you very much and she looks up to you as an older brother.”

“As I will miss both of you; she has become very dear to me, Cirdan. Is it alright if I write to her?”

“You do not have to ask if you can write her, of course you can.”

“What are you planning on giving her?”

“A necklace her mother left behind when she left. I will give it to you so you can give it to her whenever you tell her about her parents.”

“I like your idea very much, Aegnor, but I still believe that she will find out on her own. You mentioned that Cotume was from Doriath and Laivindur was from Nargothrond. Will she be forced to leave Brithombar or will she be able to choose where she will live?”

“Galadriel, Melian, Thingol and Orodreth believe she should choose where she will live after she has visited both Doriath and Nargothrond, but Finrod, Angrod and I think she should remain here.”

“I tend to disagree with you and Finrod about her remaining here. I am sure that when I tell her, she will know the general direction of her future.”

“Galadriel said the same thing and now I understand why she said that now that I have seen her. I just hope you tell her during a time of peace so she will truly see the beauty of Middle-earth before it is destroyed.”

Four days later when Aegnor was preparing to leave, he gave Cirdan an elegantly carved wooden box that contained Cotume’s necklace, a beautiful oval gray pearl surrounded by sapphires.

“It was made in Valinor by Laivindur’s father for his mother; they were both killed at the Kinslaying.”

“It is beautifully crafted; Laivindur’s father must have been an excellent craftsman. I will keep it for her until she is old enough.”

“Old enough for what, Father?”

“Old enough to receive Aegnor’s present for you. You are too young to have it know.”

“What is it, Aegnor?”

“Something from Valinor.”

“I will patiently wait until I am old enough. Are you sure you cannot stay a few days longer?”

“Yes, I am sure I cannot stay any longer. With your father’s permission, would you like to ride with us to the river?”

“Yes, she can and I will accompany her.”

“I will go and saddle our horses, Father.”

“She reminds me of Galadriel; whenever a guest would leave, she would be so excited to ride with them for a little while.”

“She also reminds me of your sister. I hope they will meet someday.”

“I am sure they will.”

” Here are your horses, Aegnor and Cirdan. May the Valar protect you on the return journey to Nargothrond.”

“Thank you, Racino.”

“You welcome my lord.”

When the company reached the river Nenning, just north of Eglarest and east of Brithombar. It was early afternoon and Cirdan. Tiriel and Aegnor were leading the company.

“We must bid you farewell here, Aegnor.”

“I will miss you both very much, especially you, Tiriel. You will always be very dear to me and we will meet again. Are you heading towards Eglarest?”

“Yes, at least for tonight.”

“Namarie, Aegnor. I wish you could have stayed longer.”

“As do I, Tiriel. Until we meet again, I will treasure the time I spent in Brithombar. Namarie, Tiriel, Cirdan.”

Cirdan and Tiriel watched the company cross the river Nenning with the knowledge that they would meet again and tears in their eyes.


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