Watcher of the Stars by the Sea – Part 3

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Aegnor and Cirdan were in Cirdan’s study discussing recent events at Nargothrond when Tiriel came back into the study.

“Father, Vende wants to know if you and Aegnor will be eating at the table or in here tonight.”

“Who is Vende?”

“She is Lere and Lerone’s mother and an excellent cook. Tiriel, tell her we will be eating in the study. Do you know what she is fixing?”

“No, Father, but it smells delicious.”

“Thank you, Tiriel.”

“Your welcome Father.”

Tiriel skipped out of study humming.

“What is she humming?”

“The song of Elbereth.”

“Does she speak Quenya?”

“Very little; only a few songs that some of the elves from Nargothrond occasionally sing.”

“Her mother spoke and sang Quenya beautifully.”

“Aegnor, when are you going to tell me about her parents?”

“Her father’s name was Laivindur and her mother’s was Cotume. Laivindur came with us from Valinor, but Cotume was from Doriath. He was quick tempered and stubborn, but he was a very good fighter. She was gentle, sweet and caring. They had a happy marriage and were very good friends with each other. Finrod and I did not care for Laivindur too much, but we listened to his advice in battle.”

“Is that all you know about her parents?”

“No, but that is all I think you need to know about them.”

“I smell dinner; Tiriel was right, it does smell delicious and I’m sure that she is with whoever is bringing dinner.”

“Why are you sure that she is with them?”

“She likes to come in my study when I eat in here; she knows I enjoy the company. Do you object to her joining us?”

“No, not at all. I was hoping she would come. Cirdan, please do not tell her about her parents until she is an adult.”

“I know, but I think she will figure it out on her own.”

“As soon as Cirdan finished speaking, Tiriel entered the study with two elves who had two trays of food.

“Father, Aegnor, dinner is here. It is broiled fish with potatoes.”, she said with a flourish of her hands.

“Aegnor, would you object to eating on the balcony?”

“No, I think it is an excellent idea, Cirdan. It has been many years since I have felt the sea-breeze.”

As they walked to the balcony, Cirdan gave Tiriel a hug and kiss before she sat down at the table.

“Can you tell me about Valinor, Aegnor?”

“I was hoping you would ask Tiriel.”

They passed the evening listening to Aegnor tell stories about Valinor until it was time for Tiriel to go to bed.

“Why can’t I stay up all night like you do Father?”

“You are still young and you need sleep. You are falling asleep right here and you would not be able to stay up all night.”

” Your Father is right; if you want to hear my stories, I can always tell more tomorrow night.”

“Alright, I will go to bed. Good night, Father, Aegnor.” She gave them both a good night kiss and hug before she left the study.

“I think I will be staying for a few months.”

“I am not surprised, and I am very happy that you even came. However, I am surprised that you are not married.”

“I doubt I will ever marry. I fear it is my doom to die in battle, without wife or child.”

The two passed the night talking and Aegnor spent five months in Brithombar before he prepared to return to Nargothrond.


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