Watcher of the Stars by the Sea – Part 21

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109 Third Age
Tiriel and Gildor were in Cirdan’s study reading when Cirdan brought them a letter from Imladris.

Tiriel read the letter and gasped. “Of all things! I don’t believe it!”

“You don’t believe what, Tiriel,” asked Gildor.

“Elrond is marrying Celebrian, daughter of Galadriel and Celeborn. Gildor and I have been invited to the wedding. Maren and Finnel will also be there.”

“That is a surprise indeed. Celebrian is barely older than you were when you went to Doriath,” said Cirdan.

“Well, Tiriel, shall we go,” asked Gildor.

“Why shouldn’t we,” said Tiriel. Gildor and Cirdan laughed at her response.

“Go. You are under no obligation to return,” said Cirdan as Tiriel and Gildor left a week later. Tiriel and Gildor traveled through beautiful woodlands before they arrived in Imladris. Elrond and Finnel met them on the path into Imladris.

“It’s wonderful to see you again, old friends,” Finnel said as he embraced them both.

“Finnel! It’s wonderful to see you here,” said Gildor.

“Elrond, I’m surprised you aren’t in Lothlorien,” said Tiriel.

Elrond laughed, “Celebrian and others will join us in a few days.”

“It’s beautiful here-the perfect meeting of sea and forests.”

“I knew you would like it here, Tiriel,” Elrond said as he gave them the grad tour.
Three days later the company arrived from Lothlorien. Celebrian, a petit, silver-haired elf, was wearing a radiant white dress. After the ceremony, Tiriel was able to speak with Maren.

“Tiriel, it’s wonderful to see you again,” Maren said as she embraced Tiriel.

“As it is to see you.”

“Will you and Gildor be staying?”

“I think we will be. It’ll be good to stay with old friends again. Just like the old days in Doriath.”

“How did you know that Finnel and I would also be staying?”

“I’ve know you far too long, Maren! Tell me about Celebrian.”

“She’s the perfect blend of her parents. She’s very shy and hates to be among strangers. But once she opens up, she’s a wonderful woman.”

Maren’s words proved to be true. Tiriel, Gildor, Maren and Finnel remained in Rivendell and became very close friends to Celebrian. Twenty-one years later Celebrian gave birth to Elladan and Elrohir. Tiriel was standing near one of the waterfalls when Celebrian gave birth. Gildor went to find her.

“Tiriel, why weren’t you there,” Gildor asked as he put his arms around her.

“It was not my place and I wanted to be near the water.”

“Celebrian and Elrond missed you. She gave birth to twins-Elladan and Elrohir. They want us to stay in Imladris to teach them.”


“I told them we would.”

“Sometimes you know me too well, Gildor.”

500 years later…
“Tell me again Tiriel, why you refuse to teach Arwen when you are perfectly content teaching Elladan and Elrohir,” said Celebrian.

“Elladan and Elrohir are on the front lines, and Arwen isn’t.”

“That is no reason for you not to teach her!”

“Is she going to be with her brothers during the forays? No, she isn’t; therefore, I do not need to teach her. I was taught how to fight in true combat, I do not teach the basics. She can learn the basics from someone else, Celebrian.”

“Somehow I knew I would be unable to persuade you, Tiriel.”

“If you’ll excuse me, Celebrian, your sons are waiting for me to join them.”

“Good hunting, Tiriel.”

“We’re only going hunting for fresh meat, not orcs, but still the thanks are appreciated.”

Tiriel left Celebrian to join Elladan and Elrohir, who were waiting for her.

“Mother tried to convince you to teach Arwen again,” asked Elladan as they rode away from Imladris.

“Yes, she did and she did not succeed.”

“Why won’t you teach Arwen,” asked Elrohir.

Tiriel laughed. “She was raised to be a Queen and she acts like one. Hopefully Elrond will send her to Lorien; she might learn a few neccessary skills. I can hardly stand to be in her presence longer than necessary. You know that as well as Gildor and Finnel. Come on, let’s find some trail and see what we can find.”

“Do you agree with Father that darkness is spreading again,” asked Elladan.

“Yes, and unless a miracle happens, I fear we may lose this time. Darkness is spreading faster than it ever has before. It is only creeping now, but I can feel it everywhere. It creeps into the hearts of men and spreads from there.”

“Do we have any hope,” asked Elrohir.

“Yes, we do. In the line of Isildur and others.”

“Brother, I think she just made her first prediction!”

“Indeed Elladan, I agree with you!”

“Enough you two! It is only something I know in my heart. You may think what you will! Pay attention or else we’ll lose the trail!”

“Yes, Tiriel,” they said in unison.


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