Watcher of the Stars by the Sea – part 2

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Cirdan was happy that Finrod had agreed with him that he should honor the dead knight’s wish for Tiriel to grow up in Brithombar. Tiriel was a beautiful twelve year old with brown eyes and long light brown, almost gold hair. Cirdan was watching her from his study as she was playing with the twins Lere and Lerone.

They were racing along the beach, trying to see which one could get to an old tree.

“Come on Lere, you can do it!!” Shouted Tiriel in encouragement to hrt friend.

“I can’t run anymore, Tiriel, I’m just so tired.”

“Can’t you walk, sister?”

“Why can’t we all walk to the log instead of running, so Lere won’t feel so bad.”

“Good idea, Tiriel”

“Thanks, Lerone.”

When they reached the log and sat down with a triple tie, Tiriel thought she saw something moving in the woods.

“Lerone, do you see anything in the woods?”

“Yes, I see something. Let’s go back and sit on the peir and watch them put the sail up. Can you walk Lere?”

“Yes, I can. Why do we have to leave now, Lerone?”

“There’s something moving in the forest-it could be orcs.”

“In the middle of the day! Tiriel, that’s impossible!!”

“No, it’s not sister. The trees can provide shade.”

When they got up, Tiriel saw horses in the woods and they all started running. When they reached the city, Tiriel ran to Cirdan’s study instead of going with Lere and Lerone to the peir.

“Father! Father! There is something in the forest, I don’t know what!!”

“Calm down, Tiriel. What did you see?”

“We were running down the beach and when we got to to the log, I saw something moving in the forest and we came back right away.”

“I don’t want you leaving the house for the rest of the day. I’m not doing this to be mean, but I want to protect you.”

“I understand, Father and I want to stay here.”

“Cirdan! There are armed knights approaching.”

“Are you sure, Racino? Are they Elves?”

“Yes, they bear the banner of Nargothrond.”

“Nargothrond! Cover them in case orcs are hidden in the forest.”

“Of course, Cirdan.”

“Nargothrond? Isn’t that where Lord Finrod lives, Father?”

“Yes, Tiriel. Be on your best behavior.”

“Yes, Father. Can I watch the knights from the window?”

“Of course and I’ll watch with you.”

As they watched the company approach, Tiriel gasped in amazement as she saw the knights with their shining white armour covered by a green cloak ride up. One of the knights rode up to the window and said, “Greetings, Cirdan, it has been a long time.”

“Yes, it has Aegnor. This is my daughter, Tiriel. Will you be staying long?”

“My lord, it is an honor to meet you.”

“No, the honor is mine, Tiriel. I’ve heard quite a bit about you, but only good things. No, Cirdan, I do not know how long we will be staying.”

“Why are you here?”

“Can I not come and visit my old friend?”

“You know that I welcome anyone from Nargothrond, especially those of the House of Finarfin.” Cirdan said laughingly

“I saw you and your friends running away, Tiriel. from us when we were in the woods, Tiriel. You are a very smart girl.”

“Thank you, Lord Aegnor.”

“Just Aegnor, Tiriel, not Lord. Lord is my brother Finrod.”

“Yes, Aegnor.”

“Aegnor, why don’t you come in and put your horses in the stable instead of talking at the window?”

“Excellent idea, Cirdan.”

After Aegnor rode away, Tiriel could not believe that she had just spoken with the son of Finarfin and the brother of Galadriel, whom she had heard much about from her father.

“Father, why are you so happy to see Aegnor?”

“He is an old friend, a good person, just as his brothers and sister are and his brother, Finrod, rules Nargothrond and therefore rules the Havens.”

“I understand, Father.”

Aegnor walked into the study, but he had taken off his armour and was dressed as a hunter with a sword at his side.

“Aegnor, there is no need for you to have a sword at your side, Brithomber is well protected.”

“It is habit, Cirdan. Unfortunatley, I live in a cave, not a city by the ocean.”

“How long will you be staying, Aegnor.”

“A few weeks at the least, Tiriel. I want to visit with both you and your father and look upon the sea again.”

“I thought you lived in Nargothrond.”

“Yes, I do live at Nargothrond, but I was born and raised in Valinor.”

“Valinor?!?! Have you seen the Valar?”

“Yes, I have, Tiriel. Can you leave for a few moments so your father and I can speak alone?”

“Of course.” As Tiriel was walking out of the room, Aegnor had a look of surprise on his face.

“She’s smart for a child, Cirdan. How old is she?”

“She’s twelve, which is hard to believe; it seems like I found her yesterday.”

“Yes, it does. That is one of the reasons why I came-to tell you about her birth parents and to see her. Cirdan-she’s beautiful and you’ve done an excellent job of raising her.”


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