Watcher of the Stars by the Sea – Part 18

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Part 18
Author’s note: I’m sorry for the long absence, but school took up a lot of my time until now. The story now picks up around the year 500.

Years had passed and the Second Age was a peaceful one. Tiriel and Gildor dwelt in Lothlorien with Galadriel, Maren, and Finnel.

“Eärelen, what are you doing,” Gildor asked as he came up behind her as she was sitting under a mallorn tree.

“Cleaning my mother’s weapons and remembering Beleg’s lessons. What are you doing?”

Gildor laughed. “I am also thinking about the past in Doriath. A letter from Elrond just arrived; he will be arriving in a few days.”


“All he said is that he wants to speak with us.”

“Ah, he is just as cryptic as Beleg was. Why am I thinking about Doriath so much?”

“Because we miss it so much. It was a beautiful place, just as Lorien is. Just like you are, Eärelen.”

Tiriel laughed. “You always know what to say, Gildor. You never cease to amaze me.”

“Thank you, my beautiful Lady Eärelen. Can you still wield your mother’s weapons as you did so long ago?”

“Of course I can. What makes you think I wouldn’t?”

“I did not imply that. Come, they are waiting for us.”


“Elrond came today, with his letter. So did Cirdan.”

“My father is here? Why didn’t you tell me sooner,” Tiriel said, her voice filled with impatience and excitement as she jumped up.

“And miss that look on your face?”

Tiriel and Gildor went to meet Elrond and Cirdan.

“Father! Elrond! It’s wonderful to see you again,” Tiriel said as she gave them both hugs.

“As it is to see you, Lady Tiriel,” said Elrond.

“My daughter is no Lady, Elrond. She is merely a maiden who can wield any weapon or pilot a boat with great skill.”

“You are forgetting her excellent weaving skills,” Maren said as she greeted Cirdan and Elrond.

“Why are you here,” Galadriel asked as they all sat down.

“Darkness is returning, slowly but surely. Gil-galad wants us all to be prepared,” Elrond said gravely.

“Then why have you come here, when you could have written a letter,” asked Galadriel.

Cirdan sighed and then spoke, “We do not know the Enemy’s plans, but if anything happens, Lorien will be attacked. Your forces must prepare, even if they are not going to open war.”

“Have you discussed this with Amroth? After all, he is the ruler of Lorien,” Tiriel said.

“Yes, we have and he refuses to listen to reason,” said Elrond.

“That is not the reason you asked to meet with us; I know the two of you better than that,” Tiriel said as she stood and paced the flet.

“It is not. We came to ask on behalf of Gil-galad if you, Gildor, Maren, Finnel, Galadriel, and Celeborn would go to Mithlond or Eriador to help our forces prepare,” said Cirdan.

“Why us,” asked Finnel.

“You were all trained in some way by Beleg,” said Elrond.

“Galadriel and I will not leave Lorien; we will remain and do as much as we can,” said Celeborn.

“As will I. Finnel, you may go if you want.”

“Are you sure, Maren?” Maren nodded her head. “Very well then, I will go.”

“Do you want to go, Eärelen,” Gildor whispered in Tiriel’s ear. They were standing on one side of the flet, overlooking the Silverlode.

“It will be a good change. As long as we go to Mithlond,” she whispered back.

“Tiriel and I will go to Mithlond,” said Gildor.

“We leave in a week,” said Elrond.

Tiriel, Gildor, and Finnel left Lorien. It was hard for them to say farewell, but it had to be done.

“Is it just me or does this seem a little familiar-on the road before war comes again,” Gildor asked Tiriel.

“No, it is not just you. It will be many years before the war actually occurs. We are only trying to prepare.”

“Finnel, will you also be coming to Mithlond or will you be leaving us at Eriador,” Cirdan asked.

“I’ll be joining you in Mithlond, if that is not a problem.”

“No, it isn’t. Elrond?”

“I am to report back to Gil-galad in Eriador. It does not matter where you go, Finnel.”

The five travelers left Lorien and arrived in Eriador, where Elrond departed. They left the mallorns and pastures behind, and traveled to the forests of Mithlond.


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