Watcher of the Stars by the Sea – part 16

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Gildor traveled frequently to Brithombar. Cirdan liked him very much and was glad to see Tiriel happy. Tiriel kept in touch with Maren and Beleg. But the letters became less frequent as it became more difficult to travel from Doriath to Nargothrond. Tiriel and Gildor’s relationship was known to many in Brithombar; most were happy for them, but both Lere and Lerone were bitter towards Tiriel.

“Tiriel, why did you give your heart to Gildor?” asked an extraordinarily bitter Lere.

“Why did you expect me to fall in love with Lerone?”

That disagreement ended after Tiriel posed that question. Many years passed.

One day in 469, Gildor arrived in Brithombar. He appeared to be very shaken.

“Gildor, what’s wrong,” Tiriel asked as she walked up to him.

“Many things; where is your father?”

“By the pier. I’ll ask him to go to the study?”

“Yes, please.” Gildor went to Cirdan’s study.

“What is it, Gildor?” Cirdan asked as he sat down opposite Gildor.

“Finrod has been slain, a Silmaril has been stolen from the Enemy’s crown and Beren and Luthien are married.” Gildor proceeded to tell them the tale of Beren and Luthien. He looked as though he would break down and cry.

“Stay and rest for a while, Gildor. Tiriel, I leave him in your care.” Cirdan left the study and returned to the pier.

“What does he mean by that, Earelen?”

“He means that I am to make sure that you do not leave unless you are well rested. Come, let’s go someplace we can speak alone.”

They went by the steps; they both noticed that Lere and Lerone’s eyes followed them.

“Are they still upset?”

“The situation with them has been resolved. Did you go to Doriath?”

“Yes, everyone sends their love to you. Beleg, Maren and Finnel are very happy for us. They may not be able to write anymore. Thingol is completely closing Doriath; his ego is getting to his head.”

Tiriel tried hard not to laugh, but she had to. Gildor also started laughing. Tiriel just sat and listened to Gildor as he told her everything that had happened. A few days later he left and did not return until 472.

Tiriel was walking with Gil-galad when they saw a company of Elves approaching.

“Gil-galad, is that the banner of Nargothrond?”

“Yes, it is and many are wounded. Cirdan, there are wounded coming!” Gil-galad and Tiriel both ran toward the company. She was eventually able to see that Gildor was leading the company. When she got to him, she was able to see that he was seriously wounded.

“Tiriel! The battle has been fought and lost. Orodeth sent us to reinforce your numbers here. The enemy is moving; the havens will soon be attacked.” After he spoke he almost fell off his horse and collapsed into Tiriel’s arms.

“We must get them to Balar. Cirdan…” said Gil-galad.

“Yes, I know, Gil-galad. Get the children, women and wounded on the boats for Balar! Tiriel?” Cirdan’s face was full of concern.

“He will live, father. I will go to Balar.”

Tiriel left with the wounded. Gildor drifted in and out; she rarely left his side. A few days later he woke up.

“Earelen, my love! Where am I?”

“Rest, Gildor. You were seriously wounded in the battle. You are safe on the Isle of Balar, as are all of your men who are still recovering from their wounds. In a few days you can move around, but for now you need to rest.” She felt as though she could cry… she was so happy he was recovering.

” Yes, Tiriel. Where is Gil-galad?”

“Right here, Gildor.” Gil-galad said from behind them both.

“Orodeth has put you in charge of our forces here.”

“Thank you for the message. Perhaps now that you are awake maybe Tiriel will leave your side and rest. “

“Has she constantly been by my side?”

“Almost always, Gildor,” said Tiriel, “Do you object to my presence here?”

“No, not at all Tiriel!” now a broad smile was on his face and all his cares seemed to disappear.

Gil-galad was looking confused.

“Is something bothering you, Gil-galad?” Tiriel asked, but she already knew his question.

“Why does Gildor call you Earelen sometimes and Tiriel others?”

Tiriel and Gildor both laughed.

“That is truly none of your concern, Gil-galad, for now. You will find out soon enough why I call her both Earelen and Tiriel.” As he spoke, Gildor put his hand on Tiriel’s.

“There is no need for me to wait; I see the answer before me. I will leave the two of you alone.”

Gil-galad left. Tiriel told Gildor everything that had happened in the past few days.


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