Watcher of the Stars by the Sea – Part 14

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Tiriel, Beleg, Finnel, Maren, Galadriel and Gildor were sitting in the woods one day. Tiriel was deep in thought about what had happened two days earlier.

“Tiriel, is there something on your mind?”

“Yes, there is, Beleg. I wish to go home; something is telling me that I must return.”

“You will be missed greatly when you leave. Gildor returns to Nargothrond in a few days. I will speak to Melian and Thingol about your departure,” said Galadriel.

“You have my permission to leave, but I will miss you very much. You have been a daughter to me these past two hundred years,” Beleg said with tears in his eyes.

That night Thingol gave Tiriel his permission to leave. She was going to leave with Gildor and go to Nargothrond. From there she would return home. Maren helped her pack her things.

“Maren, thank you so much for everything! Could we possibly keep in touch?”

“Of course! I will miss you greatly. I also speak for Finnel. Be careful, do not forget what you have been taught and have a wonderful life.”

Three days later Tiriel and Gildor left. Beleg and Finnel rode with them to the edge of the forest. The parting was bitter, but Beleg and Finnel knew that Tiriel would be safe. Two weeks later they arrived in Nargothrond.

“Greetings Gildor! Greetings, Lady Tiriel. It has been many years since we last spoke.”

“Yes, it has been Lord Finrod,” said Tiriel as she dismounted.

“What news do you have from my sister, Gildor?”

“I have letters for you, but she did not give me any other messages. May I escort Tiriel to the guest quarters?”

“Of course.”

Gildor lead Tiriel through the caves and as they walked, she saw men for the first time.

“They are of the House of Beor. They are very loyal and have learned much from us,” Gildor said as he saw her look of wonder, “Here are your quarters. Now do you see why I wanted you to remain in Doriath?”

“Yes, I do. Now I also see why I am being called home. Thank you very much, Gildor.”

“There is no need to thank me, Eärelen.”

Tiriel spent two weeks in Nargothrond. Most of her time was spent in Gildor’s company.

“Tiriel, would you like Gildor to accompany you to Brithombar? We can spare few men, even though the road is very dangerous,” said Finrod one evening.

“Yes, I would like it very much if Gildor accompanied me. I know the road is very dangerous, but I know that if I do not return home soon, the danger will become even greater.”

Tiriel and Gildor set out once again. Tiriel was happy to be returning home. However, she was even happier that Gildor was going with her. She knew that Cirdan would like him. They arrived in Brithombar on a spring day. Things had changed since she left. There were guards everywhere! One of them stopped Tiriel and Gildor.

“Halt! Who are you and where are you going?”

Tiriel recognized the Elf as Lerone. She moved her hand away from her sword and closer to her dagger. She saw Gildor do the same thing.


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