Watcher of the Stars by the Sea – Part 12

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Tiriel spent eight months in Doriath before she received a letter from Cirdan. The sons of Finarfin had left three months after they arrived, and a new year had arrived. She had passed Beleg’s tests and was training under him. She spent her free time weaving with Maren and Galadriel. She learned many things from them and became very good friends with them. Galadriel said very little about Celeborn, except that the future would be very promising. They usually sat near a small stream in the forest to weave and watch the hunters. One day while they were weaving, a rider approached them.

“I have messages from Nargothrond and Brithombar for the Ladies Galadriel and Tiriel. I was told they could be found here,” said the Elf with dark brown hair and hazel eyes.

Galadriel and Tiriel both stood up, but Beleg approached the rider and greeted him.

“It has been a while since we last saw each other, Gildor Inglorion. Come, get off your horse, deliver the letters and visit.”

“I shall be more than happy to, Beleg!” Gildor dismounted and walked toward Beleg who was standing between Maren, Tiriel and Galadriel.

“Greetings, my old friend! How are things in Nargothrond?” said Galadriel as she walked towards Gildor.

Tiriel noticed that Beleg, Finnel and Maren looked very tense and nervous.

“Very well, Galadriel. Here are your letters. Where is Tiriel? I have three letters for her.”

“I am Tiriel. Thank you very much, Gildor,” Tiriel said as she took the letters from him and walked away towards the stream.

She noticed that his eyes seemed to follow her. She did not walk towards the spot where they were weaving. Instead, she went and sat down on a rock that was very close to the stream. She saw a puzzled look on Beleg’s face as she sat down. She looked at the handwriting on the letters. Two were from Cirdan and the other she did not even want to read; it was from Lerone. She read the letters from her father and laughed after she read them; he told her everything that happened since she left. Finally, she got to the dreaded letter from Lerone. She opened it, but before she began to read it, a cool breeze blew.

“A sea breeze! It has been a while since I felt that! Now to read this dreaded letter,” she thought to herself.

The letter was not as bad as she expected; he only proposed to her once and begged her to return. She felt nothing in her heart for him except pity; pity that he was refusing to live his life. She only hoped that she would not see him for many, many years. She left the rock and joined Maren and Galadriel. Galadriel was still reading her letters.

“Good news from home?” asked Maren

“Yes and no. An Elf who claims he is in love with me wrote me a letter, but my father told me everything that has happened since I left. I feel nothing for Lerone, yet he persists!”

“It sounds like there were problems in Brithombar. What does Cirdan say or do about him?” Maren asked

“He keeps Lerone away from me and refuses every time he asks permission to court me. It has become very annoying!”

“I’m sure it is, Tiriel,” said Beleg from behind her, “May I have a word with you?”

“Of course!”

“Gildor just asked my permission to speak with you. Are you willing?”

“Yes, I am.”

Tiriel just realized that Gildor thought of Beleg as her guardian and that she might have met her best friend.


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