Warrior Maiden Of the Dunedain – Chapter Two

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Ohtarwen did not know how long she had slept, but the gentle spring wind and the sweet singing of the birds that enjoyed the trees awakened her. She drew herself up and stretched; the sun was high in the sky only a few hours away from setting. She quickly got up and went to her room to refresh herself. As she combed out her hair, a knock came at the door. Ohtarwen put the brush down on her table and went to the door.
“Good mor…er-” Ohtarwen thought for a moment. “evening, Legolas.”
“Greetings Ohtarwen. I have come to ask you if you would like to accompany Elwen and me to Lorien for a few days.” Legolas stepped into the room as Ohtarwen closed the door.
“I will have to ask Elrond.”
“We have already done that. He says you may go if you wish.”
Ohtarwen’s face brightened. “Then of course I will go with you. I have not seen Tethcelebel for many years. It will be good to see her again.”
“Good. I will tell Elwen that you will be coming with us. Goodnight.” Legolas turned and left the room.
“Miredhel! Come help me pack!” Ohtarwen choose two dresses to bring with her for feasts; she also brought two pairs of pants and a few tunics. She was just finishing packing when Arwen entered her room.
“You are going to Lorien?” she stated it more as a fact than a question.
“Yes, I have not been there for a long time. It will be good to see the Lady again.” Ohtarwen said recalling when she first saw the Lady of the Woods. She was ten years old when Elrond took her to meet Galadriel. She remembered exactly how Galadriel looked as she descended the stairs from the Mallorn tree. Her hair was flowing freely down her back in soft curls; the gown she wore was as white as new fallen snow. Her slender hands covered Ohtarwen’s completely when she held them. Ohtarwen had looked in her eyes and had seen love and kindness in them.
“I too have not been there for a long time.” Ohtarwen was jumped at the sound of Arwen’s voice, forgetting that Elrond’s daughter was in the room for she had been lost in her thoughts.
“You miss the Golden Woods?” Ohtarwen inquired, seeing the look of longing in the Elf’s eyes.
Arwen smiled at her. “Yes, they are very beautiful.” Arwen looked out over the city, deep in thought. The breeze lifted her hair softly as she stood by the open doors. Ohtarwen strode over next to her, and touched her arm. Arwen turned and smiled at the girl.
“I hope your journey will be pleasant and peaceful! May the Valar protect and guide you.” Arwen hugged Ohtarwen and left the room.
The mist still hung over the valley like a great blanket when the company of Elves left Rivendell for Lorien. Legolas, Elwen and Ohtarwen lead the procession followed by a few other Elves. Ohtarwen listened as Legolas sang about the sea and the Grey Havens; it made her sad that she would never be able to see what is beyond into the west.
They stopped their horse and let them rest, for they rode for many miles already that morning and it was now past noon. They each sat down near where their horses were grazing and ate lembas bread. They could hear the sound of the Bruin River rushing over the stones and rocks behind them.
“Elwen, remember the last time we were at this spot?” Legolas questioned his sister.
Elwen thought for a moment, and then laughed. “Oh yes! I remember.”
“Good, now we don’t want to be making that mistake again, do we?”
“No, we do not want that to happen again.”
Ohtarwen looked back and forth between the two confused. “What are you guys talking about? What happened?”
Legolas laughed. “A few hundred years ago, Elwen and I were visiting Rivendell. Elwen, somehow, discovered the special phrase that calls the guardians of Rivendell. So, my `wise’ sister went and called these guardians.”
“Who are the guardians?” Ohtarwen asked.
“They are horses.” Legolas answered her.
“Yes. The waves of the Bruin form wild horses when you speak these words. They race over the river, destroying everything in it.” Ohtarwen looked towards the river amazed.
“I don’t think Elrond was pleased at what I did.” Elwen said clearing her throat.
Ohtarwen laughed. They finished eating and began gathering up their things. Elwen and Ohtarwen went ahead and waited for the rest.
“Do you want to see them?” Elwen asked in a whisper.
“See what? The guardians?” Elwen nodded at Ohtarwen; she looked back at the others who were occupied with cleaning up and oblivious to the two girls.
“Sure.” Elwen muttered a few Elvish words and waited. Ohtarwen could hear the sound of roaring water coming; out from behind a hill came a wave of running horses.
Legolas looked up from what he was doing and groaned. “Oh no! Not again!”
The water became upset and choppy as the horses came by. Ohtarwen and Elwen’s hair blew furiously as the water sprayed their faces. The horses dove over one another into the water and disappeared; soon the river was again peaceful and calm. The Elf and Human could hear Legolas yelling as he ran towards them. He stopped behind them.
“Elwen! What do you think you are doing?!” Legolas demanded.
“What?!” Elwen exclaimed. “I wanted to show her the horses. That’s all.”
Legolas ran his hand through his hair frustrated. “Elwen! You know what Elrond’s going to do when he hears you did it again. You’ll be banned from Rivendell again!”
“Oh, it’s ok. The time will go by fast. Anyway, Ohtarwen will be in Lorien for a while, and so will Tethcelebel, so there is no need to go to Rivendell.” Elwen laughed, her brother was not amused though.
The three got their horses and mounted up and continued on their way. As they left the river, they heard the load roar of the river again.
“ELWEN!” Legolas yelled angrily, turning to his sister.
“Hey! That wasn’t me that time!” Elwen spouted back at her brother. The two looked at each other, then turned to Ohtarwen. Her face was turned away from them and she was whistling a tune to herself, pretending not to know what had happened.
“Ohtarwen?” They both asked.
Ohtarwen turned to them. “What? What happened?” She said trying to keep a straight face, but could not. Ohtarwen laughed at the look on her friends faces. She nudged her horse into gallop and road over a hill with Legolas and Elwen close behind her. Ohtarwen stopped her horse and let Legolas and Elwen catch up with her.
“I beat you!” she told them triumphantly.
“No you didn’t. I let you beat me.” Legolas insisted.
“Face it Brother, she beat us.” Elwen laughed. The three continued on talking and laughing together.
When the night came upon them, they had just crossed into the Realm of the Lady. The golden forest was dark and silent. Their horses made little noise as they passed under the branches of the quiet trees. Ohtarwen’s hood was drawn over her face and around her shoulders for the air was cold and filled with a presence she could not explain.
“Welcome Ohtarwen, daughter of the Dunedain. You will perform great deeds in the future. Do not deny your destiny.” She heard a voice inside her say. She looked over at Elwen who smiled at her. When she turned back in front of her, five cloaked figures stood before them.
“Legolas Greenleaf, Elwen-Lothnar, and Ohtarwen. The Lady is waiting for you.” One of them said.
“Thank you Haldir.” Legolas said. The Marchwarden and his men guided the group deep into the forest until they arrived at the Mallorn tree. Galadriel descended the steps much like Ohtarwen had remembered. She had not changed in appearance, if at all, she looked wiser.
“Greetings Legolas, Elwen, and Ohtarwen. I hope your journey was pleasant?” Galadriel greeted.
“Yes it was, Grandmother. Thank you.” Legolas told her.
“And how are you, Ohtarwen?” she asked turning to face the girl.
“I am well, Galadriel. Thank you.” Galdriel held her gaze for a few moments, then turned back to Legolas and Elwen.
“Now, you must be tired. Go refresh yourselves, we will eat then.” Galadriel spoke to them.
They were shown to their usual rooms and left until the evening meal.
“Elwen, has Galadriel every told you something that did not make sense?” Ohtarwen questioned her friend.
“What do you mean? Did Galadriel talk to you? What did she say?”
“She….she told me not to deny my destiny.” Ohtarwen answered a puzzled look on her face.
“Deny your destiny?”
“Yes. That’s not the first time someone has told my something about my destiny.” Ohtarwen looked at Elwen. “What do you think it means?”
“I can not say, my friend. You will have to find out yourself, for only you can find your destiny.” Ohtarwen nodded at this. Elwen did not like the discomfort she saw in her face.
“Do not worry about it, Ohtarwen. I can not have you so down if I am going to have some fun with Celebel.” Elwen said with a twinkle in her eyes. Ohtarwen smiled.
“You are right, I will not let this bother me when I am here to enjoy myself. Let’s go find Legolas so we can eat.”
They walked out of the room and down the hall where Legolas was waiting for them.
“What took you two so long?” he asked impatiently.
“We were talking. That’s all, now we can go eat.”
The three friends made their way to the dining area; Galadriel was seated at the head of a large tabled filled with various foods. There were three extra place settings near her. Galadriel smiled at them motioning to them to come and join her.
“Where is Celebel, Grandmother?” Elwen questioned when she did not see her cousin at the table.
“She was not able to attend tonight.”
“Why?” Elwen persisted for she was a good friend and had not seen her since they returned from their `adventure’.
“She decided to accompany the Marchwarden’s brother while patrolling the borders of Lorien tonight under my council.”
“The Marchwarden’s brother?” Elwen said slowly looking at her brother knowing this would be yet another thing to harass Tethcelebel with. “My Grandmother! Are we playing match-maker tonight?” Legolas tried to stifle his laughter as he watched his younger sister.
“Elwen-Lothnar! You are accusing me of matchmaking for my granddaughter? What gave you such an idea?” Galadriel questioned her eyes twinkling good-naturedly.
“Oh no, Grandmother. I was merely curious, that’s all.” Elwen smiled while taking a bite of her food. When they were finished, Legolas, Elwen and Ohtarwen left the presence of Galadriel to walk among her woods.
“What are we going to do tomorrow?” Legolas wondered out loud to himself.
“I think we should give our cousin a visit.” Elwen suggested, to this Ohtarwen smiled.
“Yes, I think we should.” She agreed. The three smiled at one another, knowing each other’s thoughts.


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